Rachel Weaver Nina Mason Pulliam Trust

Rachel Weaver

Grants Administration Associate

Rachel Weaver joined the Trust in 2022. Based in the Trust’s Indianapolis office, Rachel is the lead grants management system administrator, serving as the primary point of contact for potential and existing grantees, helping them navigate the Trust’s grants process, assisting with grants funds distribution and aiding Trust program staff in moving grants through the grants lifecycle. Rachel has over 10 years of data, program and client management experience. Prior to joining the Trust, she was manager of the Family Success Program in Indianapolis, where she coordinated the delivery of two-generation programming, focused on helping students and their families receive the necessary supports to meet educational, social and financial goals. She developed program strategies, supported grant writing and gathered and reported data. Prior to that position, she worked at the Data Recognition Corporation, where she created training materials and onboarded new employees, in addition to overseeing state standardized testing platforms in multiple states. Rachel earned an Associate of Arts in human services management from the University of Phoenix.