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The Trust underwrites environmental reporting teams at The Arizona Republic and The Indianapolis Star so the newspapers may pursue in-depth environmental reporting and shine a light on issues important to us all.

6-17-24 Forest-thinning simulations reveal benefits to water supplies
6-14-24 Wikieup lithium mine clears one hurdle, but Hualapai neighbors still oppose the plan
6-14-24 Cutting trees, setting fires could help protect Flagstaff from new disaster
6-12-24 Rules will let SRP keep water that had flowed into Salt River
6-4-24 Braun making another push to expand wilderness designation and uses in southern Indiana
6-3-24 Climate change could affect the food we grow. A UA researcher seeks ways to adapt
5-31-24 Wildlife agencies place a record 27 Mexican gray wolf pups in wild dens this year
5-30-24 ASU fashion designer’s sustainable practices give new life to old clothes. Here’s how
5-20-24 Arizona’s Sky Islands are a ‘treasure’ that warming climate and mining threaten to bury
5-16-24 A once-promising Colorado River forecast is downgraded after mediocre April snowfall
5-13-24 A new plan would preserve pathways for wildlife near the White Tank Mountains
5-10-24 The invasive Arundo reed threatens Arizona rivers. Why getting rid of it is so difficult
5-9-24 Silence reigns as electric vehicle makers show off RVs, motorbikes and golf carts
5-8-24 Quieter, cleaner electric school buses hit Phoenix streets. Why they’re good for kids
5-4-24 Two Mexican gray wolves are released in southern Arizona’s Sky Islands. Why that matters
5-3-24 Mexican gray wolf packs grow with captive-born pups. Will it help the species survive?
4-25-24 Helicopter crew rains fireballs over Tonto National Forest to prep for wildfire season
4-17-24 Federal judge denies a request by two Arizona tribes to block work on SunZia power line
4-16-24 Arizona’s Santa Cruz River is the fourth-most endangered waterway
4-12-24 Sonoran desert tortoises need homes in Arizona. Here’s how you can adopt one
4-10-24 Do flamingos nap during a solar eclipse? Phoenix Zoo wildlife reveal varied reactions
3-29-24 Attorney general seeking evidence of groundwater overpumping in rural Arizona, may sue
3-28-24 Funding to help repair habitat damaged by development, drought, wildfire
3-22-24 Parasite in the Colorado River is deadly to dogs, researchers say. Here’s what to know
3-19-24 Mount Graham red squirrels need more protected habitat to survive, groups say in lawsuit
3-13-24 Arizona lawmaker calls climate research ‘anti-God,’ pushes to ban it at state universities
3-12-24 Cattle grazing has damaged fish, cuckoo habitat on Agua Fria monument, lawsuit claims
3-7-24 Workers and environmentalists clash over water permit for Tucson-area copper mine
3-5-24 Colorado River conservation measures will protect reservoir levels through 2026, feds say
3-1-24 Wolves can’t read maps, but wildlife managers say habitat borders are still effective
2-23-24 The water from leaky pipes in Phoenix could supply a small city, but there’s no cheap fix
2-21-24 Feds commit $10M to fight invasive bullfrogs and buffelgrass, restore Arizona lands
2-15-24 Herding fish? That’s how SRP’s annual canal clean-up starts. Here’s where it goes next
2-15-24 Promising ‘low-carbon future,’ mining company to pump $2 billion into Arizona zinc mine
2-8-24 EPA’s new air pollution limits could mean more no-burn days across Phoenix
1-29-24 Yet another jaguar spotted in Arizona? Trail camera captures 8th seen in US since 1996
1-25-24 Feds say no to reintroducing jaguars in NM but could expand habitat there and in AZ
1-24-24 Tribes say SunZia power line threatens San Pedro River, sue to stop construction
1-22-24 Where burros roam and tourists swoon, feds seek to reduce herds on Arizona rangelands
1-20-24 How an aerial count of deer and javelina helps Arizona wildlife officials regulate hunting
1-13-24 Biden plan would expand solar energy projects on public lands in Arizona, other states
1-5-24 Yet another jaguar spotted in Arizona? Trail camera captures 8th seen in US since 1996

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6-21-24 If it’s hot outside, it’s even hotter in your vehicle. Summer safety tips for extreme heat
6-20-24 Volunteer to remove invasives, see waterfalls and more outdoor fun this weekend
6-19-24 Hot dogs (or cats) aren’t cool. Vet offers tips on keeping your pets safe during heat wave
6-17-24 Scrub Hub: Are those beavers swimming in the Indianapolis Canal? Probably not.
6-14-24 Wikieup lithium mine clears one hurdle, but Hualapai neighbors still oppose the plan
6-13-24 Take a night hike, race on the river, see waterfalls and more outdoor fun this weekend
6-12-24 New tech helps Indy plan where to plant trees to reduce effects of rising temps, flooding
6-6-24 Hellbenders, meteors and foraging: Lots of outside events this weekend across Indiana
6-4-24 Indy-based company fined $35M for animal welfare crimes involving more than 4,000 beagles
5-30-24 Hummingbirds are coming back to Indiana. Here’s how to attract them to your yard
5-30-24 Paddling and fossil beds: Get outside this weekend with these Indiana events
5-29-24 Buffalo project helps restore prairie while reconnecting indigenous tribes with heritage
5-29-24 Buffalo roamed across Indiana for centuries. See what’s being done to bring them back.
5-23-24 Who was responsible for harmful pollution left in small Indiana town after ‘cleanup’ done?
5-17-24 Race day forecast for the 2024 Indy 500: Will it rain? Here’s the latest
5-16-24 Birds, fireflies, ‘plogging’: Get outside this weekend with these events and more in Indiana
5-9-24 Take mom for a hike: Mother’s Day weekend events across Indiana’s natural areas
5-6-24 Indy to remove low-head dam on White River where two kayakers drowned in April
5-2-24 Witness spring migration or learn about mushrooms this weekend with these Indiana events
4-29-24 Hoosier National Forest officials find no negative impacts with Houston South plan
4-29-24 Scrub Hub: How can Hoosiers plant native gardens?
4-25-24 Indiana wants to charge your electric vehicle while you drive. But is it actually possible?
4-20-24 Protect migrating birds in Indiana with these steps
4-19-24 Earth Day is coming. Here’s how you can celebrate it in Indianapolis and at home
4-18-24 Take a hike: Earth Day weekend events across Indiana’s natural areas
4-17-24 Tornado watch issued for parts of Central Indiana on Wednesday afternoon
4-16-24 Indy weather: NWS calls for storms Tuesday and Wednesday
4-16-24 Indiana’s bats are emerging from hibernation. Here’s why that’s a good thing
4-15-24 Thunderstorms and heavy rains on the way for parts of Indiana
4-15-24 Lead is a ‘lurking hazard,’ so Citizens is replacing water lines to thousands of Indy homes
4-13-24 Have you spotted any of these birds yet? These are the 10 most common for April
4-12-24 Hummingbirds are coming back to Indiana. Here’s how to attract them to your yard
4-11-24 Take a hike: Weekend events across Indiana’s natural areas
4-10-24 Indiana AG Todd Rokita files lawsuit against 22 manufacturers of toxic PFAS forever chemicals
4-5-24 What happens to birds during a solar eclipse? This IU prof needs your help to find out
4-5-24 Freezing weather to hit Indy on Saturday. Here’s how to protect your plants
4-4-24 Take a hike: Weekend events across Indiana’s natural areas
4-2-24 Downtown Indy roads flood due to heavy rains
4-2-24 Indiana solar eclipse forecasts are here. See the NWS predictions as of April 2
4-2-24 Live video: 5 wildlife cameras across Indiana
4-1-24 Multiple storms to roll through Indiana April 1
4-1-24 Scrub Hub: How much water — and money — is my leaky faucet sending down the drain?
3-27-24 Get ready for the Easter bunny — and cottontail babies. What to do if you see them
3-22-24 Will Indy’s eclipse make the clouds disappear? Here’s what we know
3-20-24 Indiana offers tornado victim additional resources
3-18-24 IU researcher to discuss how racism creates environmental injustice
3-12-24 Go all in for St. Patrick’s Day: Plant a clover lawn. Why you might like it better than grass
3-8-24 Long-range forecast shows Indiana with clear skies during eclipse
3-8-24 Indiana’s false spring: Here’s how it can affect the region and why it matters
3-1-24 How to ID and destroy the spotted lanternfly, one of Indiana’s invasive species
2-27-24 Feral, free-roaming cats upset bird populations. Here’s how Hoosiers can help
2-23-24 Climate change is here. This is how it is affecting Indiana and what’s to come
2-22-24 Dozens of mature trees have been cut down in an Irvington park. Here’s why.
2-12-24 What you need to know about toxic ‘forever chemicals’ and the Indiana legislature
2-6-24 Holcomb signs wetlands bill critics said was rushed through to ‘quiet public outcry’
2-1-24 EPA OKs state’s first plant to cut CO2 emissions through sequestration. What that means.
1-30-24 ‘IDEM saying it’s a good bill is a lie’: state water regulators denounce wetlands bill
1-26-24 Bills to better manage Indiana’s water supply, amid LEAP concerns, don’t get hearings
1-26-24 Indiana Audubon hosts winter eagle watch trips
1-26-24 State and federal lawmakers want to stop foreign adversaries from owning Hoosier farmland
1-17-24 Stinky tap water is temporary inconvenience following heavy rains, safe to drink
1-17-24 Bill to approve bobcat hunting in Indiana draws many comments, passes out of committee
1-5-24 Camping is causing serious harm in Hoosier National Forest. Some rules may be changing.

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12-29-23 Clean energy or healthy river? Why lines in the debate aren’t as clear at this Western mine
12-26-23 Arizona environmental activists say there’s too much at stake to stop their fight
12-22-23 Forest service proposes old-growth management plans. Here’s what to know in Arizona
12-14-23 Who must give up Colorado River water? As conservation talks start, tensions rise
12-14-23 Asha traveled over 100 miles across state lines. Now, the endangered Mexican wolf has a mate.
12-12-23 Asha, the adventurous Mexican gray wolf, is recaptured, paired with a male wolf to mate
12-6-23 Mount Graham red squirrel numbers fall slightly as habitat threats persist
12-6-23 When vegetation choked off water recharge basins, who did CAP call? Goat munchers
12-1-23 On the Bush Fire scar, volunteers have begun restoring the desert, one saguaro at a time
11-29-23 Governor’s water council submits management proposals, already faces lawmaker opposition
11-27-23 Why river advocates say Arizona’s upper Verde should earn ‘Wild and Scenic’ protections
11-20-23 Are Mexican gray wolves closer to recovery 25 years after they were returned to the wild?
11-17-23 Will another snowy winter boost the Colorado River? It hasn’t happened in this century
11-10-23 30 years after the deadly Dude Fire, work begins in the forest to prevent another disaster
11-10-23 Grand Canyon flood experiment helped restore beaches, delighting Colorado River runners
11-3-23 Where’s Asha? An endangered Mexican gray wolf strays from the recovery area again
11-3-23 Feds will pay Arizona farmers and tribes $64M to use less water from the Colorado River
11-3-23 ‘You don’t have to shovel sunshine’: Amid heat waves, why do people still move to Phoenix?
10-30-23 Should the San Pedro River get federal water rights? A ruling might not be the last word
10-27-23 Hurricane Otis surprised forecasters with its intensity. Why are storms growing stronger?
10-26-23 How removing invasive buffelgrass from Arizona forests can reduce wildfire threats
10-19-23 Are PFAS really ‘forever chemicals’? It’s complicated. Here’s what to know
10-17-23 The smoke in Arizona’s high country could be a prescribed burn. Here’s what to know
10-16-23 Firefighters face cancer risks from harmful chemicals. Here’s how they’re working to limit exposure
10-6-23 Rule change will expand the territory for imperiled black-footed ferrets in Arizona
10-6-23 Scrappy and more pets up for adoption in Phoenix-area shelters this week
10-5-23 Feds could alter dam flows to halt invasive bass in the Grand Canyon, protect native fish
10-4-23 Face-to-face with a bear? Here’s what to do if that happens, or in any scary wildlife encounter
10-2-23 How healthy forests could prevent larger wildfires and help slow climate change
10-2-23 Leaf litter can block storm drains. Here’s how to help
9-30-23 Is rainwater safe to drink? Arizona researchers enlist citizen scientists to help find out
9-27-23 Is there a new jaguar in Arizona? Trail cameras detect a cat in the Huachuca Mountains
9-27-23 Arizona’s monsoon will end as one of the hottest and driest on record. What happened?
9-26-23 What’s being done to protect the Southwest’s dwindling water supply? A new online tool shows you
9-25-23 Water from thin air? It’s one possible solution for rural Arizonans who need access
9-23-23 Court allows southern Arizona mine exploration to proceed as challenge continues
9-22-23 Environmental groups seek groundwater protections around Arizona’s San Pedro River
9-22-23 Republic coverage of Colorado River issues is Scripps-Howard Award finalist
9-18-23 How climate change may leave some Sky Island wildlife species in Arizona with no place to go
9-16-23 Do wildlife agencies shortchange lesser-known species? Activists question priorities
9-16-23 You thought Arizona’s summer was extreme? A ‘strong’ El Niño could supercharge winter
9-13-23 Why anglers and hunters support a new national monument near the Grand Canyon
9-8-23 Border wall damaged environment, cultural sites, government report finds
9-7-23 New Arizona mines unearth new conflicts: resist climate change or protect fragile landscapes?
9-3-23 Laws don’t protect outdoor workers from heat. Advocates say the consequences are deadly
8-31-23 Heat is not classified as a natural disaster. Arizona officials say that needs to change
8-30-23 What makes a Mexican duck such an odd one? Researchers hunt for answers in Arizona
8-26-23 Park service will poison fish to slow bass invasion upstream from the Grand Canyon
8-18-23 As feds ready rules on ‘forever chemicals,’ Arizona’s water monitoring fund is going broke
8-16-23 Republic newsletter will deliver the latest environment and climate news
8-15-23 Lake Mead swelled with winter runoff, but states will still bank Colorado River water
8-15-23 Republic’s coverage of Colorado River issues wins an Edward R. Murrow Award
8-11-23 Here’s what to know about a proposal to remove the Apache trout from the threatened list
8-8-23 Biden dedicates new monument for Arizona tribes and ‘the soul of the nation’1
8-7-23 Biden to talk climate in Arizona, but will he create a new monument near the Grand Canyon?
8-6-23 A sacred place’: Advocates for new Grand Canyon protections rally in hopes Biden will act
7-27-23 ‘Should we be drinking the water?’ Sierra Vista residents want answers about ‘forever chemicals’
7-26-23 Bobcats on the patio: As Arizonans push into wildlands, wild animals are pushing back
7-25-23 Trail cam confirms ‘Lil’ Jefe’ the ocelot still roams the mountains of southeast Arizona
7-21-23 ‘I can picture my students here’: Arizona teachers become learners at hands-on science program
7-19-23 Wildlife agency restores protection for Arizona’s cactus pygmy-owl after long legal battle
7-19-23 Proposed Grand Canyon monument could turn 1.1 million acres into protected land. Here’s what to know
7-13-23 Relentless heat, hot Phoenix nights raise risk of another record-breaking year for deaths
7-10-23 How much water can $200M help save? State agency sifts through dozens of project ideas
7-10-23 Is this the worst heat wave ever in Phoenix? What to know about the current hot streak
6-30-23 To keep the Colorado River’s heart beating, people step in to do what nature once did
6-30-23 Gila River is threatened by drought, demand and rising temperatures. Who will protect it?
6-30-23 On Arizona’s San Pedro River, hummingbirds reflect the health of a landscape
6-29-23 Arizona’s wet winter, slow monsoon has spared the forests and fueled desert wildfires
6-22-23 Wildfire, heavy use strained the Santa Catalinas. A new Forest Service plan could help
6-21-23 As summer starts, climate activists show their stripes with shareable heat tracker
6-20-23 Environmental groups sue to block mining projects in the Patagonia Mountains
6-19-23 Wetlands are vital Arizona ecosystems. A Supreme Court ruling could weaken their protections.
6-14-23 Endangered Mexican gray wolf returned to the wild after straying from recovery area
6-7-23 ‘Tear them down’: Unused border lights threaten fragile species, conservation group says
6-3-23 ANDI the manikin can take the heat. ASU hopes it can also help people weather hotter days
6-3-23 How Chinese heirloom seeds can lead to climate-adapted food for future gardeners
6-1-23 Arizona will halt new home approvals in parts of metro Phoenix as water supplies tighten
5-31-23 Federal agency commits $15.2 million for landscape work near the Grand Canyon, Sky Islands
5-27-23 You may be eligible for a water conservation rebate in Arizona. Here’s what you need to know
5-22-23 Arizona, California and Nevada give feds plan to save 3M acre-feet of Colorado River water
5-18-23 Feds approve vaccine for imperiled California condors at risk of avian flu
5-12-23 Arizona wildfires are growing larger and more frequent. What role does climate change play?
5-12-23 Do wildfire seasons still exist? What we know about Arizona’s new year-round fire season
5-10-23 Water and power: Test of Roosevelt Dam gates demonstrates flood control plan for Salt River
5-9-23 Arizona is set to spend $200M on water conservation, but tribes need access
5-5-23 Colorado River reservoirs buoyed by snowmelt, but officials brace for drier times ahead
5-3-23 Arizona lawmakers want to restore recycling fund. But environmentalists fear one addition
4-28-23 Avian flu kills 10 northern Arizona condors and officials fear the virus could spread
4-27-23 Grand Canyon flood exercise ends as Colorado River flows return to normal at Lake Powell
4-25-23 3-day flood experiment begins at Grand Canyon to improve Colorado River conditions
4-24-23 Feds start 3-day flood experiment of the Grand Canyon to improve Colorado River conditions
4-22-23 On Earth Day, find out what drives The Arizona Republic’s environment team to tell this story
4-21-23 Is that glass jar really recyclable? It depends on where you live and how clean it is
4-21-23 Your old cellphone and printer are e-waste. Here’s why you should recycle them responsibly
4-21-23 Arizona cities struggle to maintain recycling programs because of high costs
4-19-23 Phoenix ranks 5th in ozone pollution, but a new report finds fewer bad air days overall
4-18-23 Federal agency kills ‘Rusty,’ a Mexican gray wolf blamed in livestock deaths
4-18-23 Colorado River in the Grand Canyon is the most ‘endangered river,’ advocacy group says
4-17-23 Even the hardy desert tortoise needs help as the Earth warms and habitat disappears
4-11-23 Tribes, lawmakers urge Biden to protect Grand Canyon region with a new national monument
4-11-23 How Colorado River states would share water cuts under new federal proposal
4-7-23 Snowy, wet winter brings drought reprieve, but it won’t solve Colorado River water woes
3-30-23 Turning cow waste into biogas is a hot investment. Is it also a climate solution?
3-29-23 Riparian habitat threatened by proposed project, San Pedro River advocates say
3-27-23 Spring came early. That’s bad for Arizona’s water supply
3-18-23 How a ‘cold shock’ of water from Lake Powell could thwart invasive Grand Canyon bass
3-17-23 Restoring desert crusts may control dust pollution better than spraying water
3-17-23 Restoring desert crusts may control dust pollution better than spraying water
3-16-23 What is an atmospheric river and how does it affect Arizona’s weather?
3-15-23 How do you grow crops with no water? A rancher on the Gila River is trying an old approach
3-14-23 EPA introduces new national standards for ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water
3-12-23 Environmental justice, protecting wild places are on the agenda for new Sierra Club leader
3-10-23 Feds finalizing $250M in water-saving measures to help drought-stricken Lake Mead
3-10-23 How a ‘cold shock’ of water from Lake Powell could thwart invasive Grand Canyon bass
3-3-23 Jaguars, leopard frogs, condors: Here are some of Arizona’s most imperiled species
3-2-23 Salt River Project opens Bartlett Dam floodgates to make room for spring snowmelt
3-1-23 ‘Weather chaos’ brings enough snow to fill Verde River reservoirs, ease drought conditions
2-28-23 Mexican gray wolf population surpasses 200 for the first time since recovery efforts began
2-17-23 AZ voters support expanding access to natural spaces for underserved communities
2-15-23 Water conservation is main concern among Arizona voters, poll shows
2-11-23 Avocados in the Super Bowl dip are environmental threats? A complaint raises concerns
2-8-23 With Colorado River water cuts, some Pinal farmers drill wells. For others, fields sit dry
2-6-23 Water, climate change, land protection are key legislative issues for environmental groups
1-31-23 6 Colorado River states submit a plan to cut water use, but California says ‘no deal’
1-27-23 Central Arizona farms rely on groundwater. How research aims to help farmers adapt, protect aquifers
1-23-23 Botanical gardens emerge as a model of biodiversity for Arizona’s butterfly populations
1-19-23 US to work with San Carlos Apache Tribe to cut wildfire risk in Arizona forests
1-16-23 PFAS contamination in south Tucson challenges historic cleanup, revives health concerns
1-13-23 Forest Service halts a plan to allow more cattle grazing on Tonto public lands
1-11-23 Arizona says developers lack groundwater for big growth dreams in the desert west of Phoenix
1-8-23 ‘Local is what we do best’: The Arizona Republic’s impact in 2022
1-3-23 Arizona prepares to test hundreds of drinking water systems for toxic ‘forever chemicals’
12-27-23 Marion County residents can get help with heating bills starting Jan 1. Here’s how.
12-26-23 Scrub Hub: What is being done in Indiana to bring back American chestnut trees?
12-22-23 Engine maker Cummins to pay record-setting $1.7B to settle emissions-cheating claims
12-18-23 Winter forecasts: Woolly worms, leaves, persimmon seeds or satellite, radar, ocean temps
12-15-23 Neighbors fear temporary closure of Fall Creek Township Woods will lead to hunting
12-13-23 Want to have owls in your yard? Here’s how to build an owl box and where to put it
12-11-23 Boone County development project threatens Hoosier wallets and water supply, report says
12-11-23 Scrub Hub: Do you often kill your houseplants? Here’s how to keep them alive in winter
12-5-23 A crypto mine comes to town and a coal plant gets new life. Hoosiers caught in crossfires.
11-30-23 Why some outdoor recreation groups oppose Sen. Braun’s wilderness expansion
11-29-23 Lead shot in deer carcasses is toxic to eagles, other animals. DNR wants hunters to change
11-29-23 This engineer began beekeeping by accident. Now he’s one of biggest beekeepers in Indiana
11-27-23 AES Indiana wanted a big rate hike. A new settlement could spare Hoosiers’ monthly bills.
11-27-23 Scrub Hub: How are Indiana state park hiking trails designed?
11-24-23 Indiana hunters help feed nearly 200,000 hungry Hoosiers last year with deer donations
11-22-23 From lab research to trash pick-up, this Purdue grad works to keep Indianapolis beautiful
11-22-23 Fatty holiday foods are clogging your sewer pipes. Here’s how to keep from costly repairs.
11-13-23 Scrub Hub: Do we have wild pigs in Indiana? Are they wreaking havoc like everywhere else?
11-7-23 Invasive spotted lanternfly found in northern Indiana. Here’s what to do if you spot one.
11-6-23 Some birds named after people will get new names to avoid troubling pasts of namesakes
10-24-23 Would Hoosier National Forest project endanger a key Southern Indiana drinking water source?
10-20-23 Scrub Hub: You can celebrate Halloween and still be green. Here are some tips.
10-19-23 Proposal would double size of Charles C. Deam Wilderness area in Hoosier National Forest
10-16-23 Scrub hub: How do invasive species invade? Humans usually have something to do with it.
10-13-23 AES Indiana has most disconnections in Indiana. Advocates say rate hike proposal won’t help
10-13-23 Feds give Indiana, other states $1B for Midwest hydrogen hub. Will we lead on clean energy?
10-13-23 Feds give Indiana, other states $1B for Midwest hydrogen hub. Will we lead on clean energy?
10-12-23 Climate change is causing problems for your squirrel neighbors, too
10-4-23 Preliminary review: LEAP pipeline won’t impact state’s water supply or residential wells
10-4-23 Indiana University adopts climate change plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2040
10-4-23 Water isn’t only a Western problem. Here’s why some Hoosiers are worried about running out
10-2-23 City releases 2023 leaf pick up. Here’s what to do with leaves instead to save your back.
9-22-23 Farm Aid 2023 kicks off with Friday forum on the past, present and future of Indiana farms
9-20-23 Visit state parks for free this weekend. And while you’re there, you can lend a hand.
9-19-23 Public bird hikes, hands-on activities will mark Indiana Audubon’s 125th anniversary
9-18-23 Scrub Hub: Are humans helping invasive jumping worms spread? Sadly, the answer is yes.
9-15-23 This is no snarky birthday gag. Hurricane-blown flamingo splashes down in Ohio River
9-12-23 Climate change not ‘theoretical, or even debatable,’ an IU expert says. What’s the solution?
9-5-23 ‘Mussel men’ plucked tons of shells from Indiana rivers and streams in the name of fashion
9-5-23 A tiny freshwater mussel found in Indiana could gain federal protection. Here’s why
9-4-23 Scrub Hub: Will climate change affect hardiness zones for what to plant and when in Indiana?
8-28-23 Here’s what you need to know about new wildlife research unit coming to Indiana
8-21-23 Scrub Hub: Your lungs can get a ‘sunburn’ from heat and pollution, making breathing hard
8-17-23 Eastern hellbenders, Indiana’s largest salamander, found only in 70-mile span of Blue River
8-11-23 IndyStar’s ‘Scrub Hub’ wraps up 3 years of answering questions about environmental issues
8-10-23 Westside urban garden blooms after donations replace mulch stockpile hauled away by city
8-7-23 Scrub Hub: How to find and identify pawpaw trees in Hoosier forests
8-7-23 Pawpaws: What you need to know about the ‘Hoosier banana’
8-3-23 Indiana pulls permit for controversial coal-to-diesel plant, says it’s ‘no longer valid’
8-3-23 Indiana at risk of losing its industrial dominance if it doesn’t decarbonize, report says
7-31-23 Want to join the fight against litter? Here’s how to get started and snag free supplies
7-18-23 Indianapolis Prize: National Geographic photographer wins 2023 wildlife ambassador award
7-17-23 Canadian wildfire smoke is back in Indiana. Here’s when it should clear up
7-12-23 Here’s a list of Hoosier fisherman Liu He’s award-winning catches, plus tips for beginners
7-10-23 Scrub Hub: Illegal dumping is a problem in Indianapolis. Here’s how you can help.
6-30-23 Pets and fireworks don’t mix: Here’s how to keep stressed dogs, cats safe and comfortable
6-29-23 Canada wildfire smoke clears from Indy skies ahead of storm system
6-29-23 Lawrence, Indy partnership hope Next Level Trails grant will extend Fall Creek Greenway
6-28-23 Wildfire smoke pushes Indy air quality to dangerous level? Here’s how you can stay safe.
6-28-23 How does Indy’s air quality compare to other cities?
6-26-23 Scrub Hub: Is the brain-eating amoeba expanding its range north into Indiana and Midwest?
6-26-23 Indiana non-profit seeks public support for Fall Creek Greenway extension
6-23-23 Hoosiers lose environmental news source as IER funding ends
6-22-23 A pair of lovable dogs are on the frontline of Indiana’s fight against a new invasive pest
6-12-23 Scrub Hub: Why should I consider using rain barrels at my home?
6-7-23 Indianapolis ranks in the Top 5 cities in US for wildlife-friendly gardens. Here’s why
6-1-23 Indiana state parks: What to know before heading out for a picnic, hike or camping trip
6-1-23 McCormick’s Creek State Park open and rebuilding following March tornado
5-30-23 Scrub Hub: What are the risks of algal blooms and how does my family stay safe?
5-30-23 BP to pay record-setting $40M to settle air, water pollution charges at Indiana refinery
5-22-23 317 Project: Frog Holler works to keep identity against commercial development
5-16-23 Indianapolis Prize goes to penguin protector
5-15-23 Scrub Hub: How can I attract butterflies to my yard or garden?
5-11-23 ‘I’m not a woman farmer. I’m just a farmer.’
5-11-23 Indiana agriculture student wants to be the role model she needed when she was younger
5-11-23 Two Indiana sisters follow in agricultural footsteps of their trailblazing parents
5-11-23 Agronomist works extra hard to take ‘femaleness’ out of her interactions with farmers
5-4-23 Urban gardening program for kids loses mulch after miscommunication with health department
5-3-23 IU program to assist rural communities obtain federal grants for climate resiliency
5-1-23 Scrub Hub: What is ‘No Mow May’ and should you do it? It could help save our pollinators
5-1-23 Critics: Regulatory ‘shell game’ allows AES to dump harmful coal ash pollution in White River
4-27-23 CenterPoint to go coal-free by 2027, Duke to be only Indiana utility to keep burning coal
4-20-23 The tree people love or hate: Carmel taking long-term approach to replacing Callery pears
4-17-23 Scrub Hub: Can you raise Black Soldier Fly larvae to produce a sustainable compost?
4-15-23 Testing reveals Richmond fire spewed harmful substances in air and debris
4-11-23 Indiana has new data to protect Hoosiers from flooding. Lawmakers don’t want us to use it.
4-7-23 Advocates worry Indiana lawmakers just gave utilities a blank check, put consumers at risk
4-6-23 EPA proposes adding Indiana site contaminated with lead, arsenic to Superfund list
4-6-23 Parts of McCormick’s Creek State Park to reopen Friday, but campground will remain closed
4-3-23 Whiteland plans to rebuild after Friday’s tornado — but it will take time
4-3-23 Scrub Hub: Are Indiana homeowners planting trees the wrong way? The answer is most likely
3-31-23 Falling natural gas prices mean some utility customers could see lower summer bills
3-27-23 Environmental groups, Democrats blindsided by amendment further gutting wetland protection
3-24-23 Holcomb budget plan bolsters natural resource spending, but will funding be cut?
3-20-23 Scrub Hub: What is a spotted lanternfly? And how can you help stop the invasive insect?
3-14-23 Carbon capture is gaining a foothold in Indiana. Here’s what it may mean to Hoosiers
3-13-23 Power play: Lawmakers plan for disposal of solar and wind systems, but not toxic coal ash
3-10-23 Lawmakers seek to protect Indiana firefighters from toxic chemical, leave Hoosiers at risk
3-8-23 Results: Hazardous waste from Ohio train wreck doesn’t contain harmful levels of dioxins
3-7-23 EPA temporarily stops hazardous waste coming to Indiana landfill for additional testing
3-6-23 Scrub Hub: Animals are dying on Indiana roads. Could wildlife crossings help?
3-3-23 EPA commits to testing toxic waste headed to Indiana landfill
3-2-23 ‘We don’t trust you’: Indiana landfill neighbors don’t want toxic waste from Ohio train
3-2-23 EPA approves plan for cleaning up toxic pollution in Franklin, ending nearly 40-year wait
3-1-23 Roachdale landfill owner hosting public meeting on toxic waste from Ohio train crash
3-1-23 Indianapolis Zoo announces six finalists for worldwide wildlife conservation prize
2-28-23 IDNR investigates shooting of bald eagle in Dubois County
2-27-23 Youth-driven bill to create Indiana climate change task force dies in Senate — again
2-27-23 Experts say trains are becoming less safe. Here are the possible reasons why.
2-27-23 Indiana communities at risk for train disasters like the one that devastated Ohio town
2-20-23 Scrub Hub: How can Hoosiers help researchers track mammals in Indiana?
2-20-23 Here’s why some North American bird names no longer fly
2-20-23 Buddhist temple and sculpture garden call Indianapolis east side community home
2-17-23 How Hoosiers can take part in the Great Backyard Bird Count
2-14-23 Concerns about blackouts in the Midwest pit renewables against fossil fuels
2-10-23 Advocates worry energy bills give more power to utilities, put consumers at risk
2-8-23 Indiana landfill receiving toxic waste from Ohio train derailment has past violations
2-8-23 Hendricks County solar farm to feature largest array operated by an Indiana energy co-op
2-6-23 Scrub Hub: How do snow and winter weather impact my solar panels? It’s complicated.
1-30-23 These bills seek to protect the environment and Hoosiers’ health. They die every year.
1-26-23 New report: Indiana refinery is one of the worst water polluters in the nation
1-23-23 Scrub Hub: Passing a wind farm, I see some turbines spinning and others motionless. Why?
1-19-23 Toxic pollution, fossil fuels, floodplains: Top environmental bills to watch this session
1-12-23 Controversial coal-to-diesel plant in southern Indiana is under fire. Again.
1-11-23 Clean energy advocates worry lawmakers will keep fossil fuels going strong in Indiana
1-9-23 Scrub Hub: Hoosiers may not be able to plant the same trees they used to
12-31-22 BLM plan to renew grazing allotments near the San Pedro River imperils habitat, groups say
12-30-22 How Colorado River cities are preparing for shortages with conservation and alternate sources
12-28-22 Mount Graham red squirrel numbers grow after agencies develop more accurate counts
12-23-22 State will restrict water pumping where Mohave County farms have flourished
12-19-22 Conservation programs get $20 billion in climate bill. What are the benefits for Arizona?
12-18-22 As bald eagles return to nesting areas, Arizona imposes restrictions on public lands
12-16-22 ‘This is going to be painful’: States are on the clock for big Colorado River cutbacks
12-14-22 As the Colorado River shrinks, Arizona looks at water recycling, desalination, taller dams
12-13-22 Environmental group asks the federal government to return jaguars to Arizona, New Mexico
12-13-22 ADOT removes hundreds of native plants along I-17, will return them when road work ends
12-2-22 Tens of thousands of sandhill cranes return to southern Arizona for the winter
12-1-22 Wildlife advocates say Ducey’s new border barrier threatens fragile Arizona habitat
11-27-22 Electric vehicles could help the environment, if drivers can find a charging station
11-22-22 At a climate conference in Egypt, a Phoenix councilwoman learns from other leaders
11-21-22 As the Colorado River is stretched thin by drought, can the 100-year-old rules that divide it still work?
11-18-22 Maricopa County voters reelect 2 CAP board incumbents, add 3 newcomers
11-14-22 How would 1,900 more cows grazing along the Salt River affect the land and the wildlife?
11-10-22 Cochise County voters approve one groundwater management plan, reject another
11-7-22 Opposition to a Cochise County water measure flows in mostly from out-of-area sources
11-4-22 Former Reclamation Commissioner Brenda Burman to head Central Arizona Project
10-28-22 Feds start the clock on a plan that could deepen cuts on drought-stricken Colorado River
10-27-22 Gila River tribe will take offer to conserve water, but Yuma farmers say it’s not enough
10-19-22 Authorities investigate the killing of a captive-born Mexican gray wolf in New Mexico
10-19-22 As wells dry up and lawmakers balk, Cochise voters could force new groundwater protections
10-5-22 Condors take flight near Grand Canyon, but lead ammo could ground the species
9-27-22 How an Arizona tribe and wildlife biologists rescued the Apache trout from near extinction
9-15-22 Grand Canyon bison are headed to Great Plains tribal lands as North Rim herd is reduced
9-12-22 Park Service to poison bass upstream of Grand Canyon to save native fish
9-11-22 Disconnected and ‘dehumanized’: How thousands across Phoenix survive without running water
9-6-22 At Lake Powell, a ‘front-row seat’ to a drying Colorado River and an uncertain future
8-8-22 Sinema meets with regional water officials to talk about $4B in Colorado River drought aid
8-5-22 Return of ‘the boss’: El Jefe, a jaguar that roamed Arizona, has turned up alive in Mexico
8-5-22 Informe: Se debe modificar la Presa Glen Canyon pronto o correr el riesgo de perder el Río Colorado en el Gran Cañón
8-3-22 Report: Modify Glen Canyon Dam soon or risk losing the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon
7-30-22 US House passes bills to address drought on the Colorado River, wildfire recovery
7-21-22 Infrastructure law funds Superfund cleanups, but not uranium mines on Indigenous lands
7-21-22 Deep cuts loom on the Colorado River as water levels plunge. Who will feel the pain most?
7-19-22 As Lake Powell shrinks, voracious smallmouth bass are staging for a Grand Canyon invasion
7-1-22 Arizona and tribes could protect a wider range of species with money in a new bill
6-27-22 Pipelines? Desalination? Turf removal? Arizona commits $1B to augment, conserve water supplies
6-24-22 Arizona Wildfires – Wildfires like Rodeo-Chediski imperil Mexican spotted owls, but is forest work also a threat?
6-23-22 Arizona Wildfires – Wildfires are a part of life in the White Mountains. Here’s how Arizona towns are preparing
6-21-22 Arizona Wildfires – How thinning dense Arizona forests could prevent another megafire and protect water sources
6-20-22 Arizona Wildfires – Rodeo-Chediski Fire scarred Arizona forests. How have they changed in the past 20 years?
6-5-22 How these groups are rescuing saguaro cactuses and restoring a wildfire burn scar
6-4-22 11 Mexican gray wolf pups are released into the wild. Will it help the species recover?
5-26-22 Why a federal agency can’t stop this copper mining project from polluting Arizona streams
5-7-22 Colorado River drought may be the ‘new normal’ and living with it will be costly, leaders say
5-4-22 Will Colorado River shortages limit water use? Arizona cities seek ‘culture change’ first
4-25-22 How nature itself could help quash the quagga mussel invasion on the Colorado River
4-24-22 ‘We have time’: Activists, elected leaders call for climate action at Earth Day rally at Arizona Capitol
4-22-22 Can a mechanical ‘tree’ help slow climate change? An ASU researcher built one to find out
4-21-22 Proposal would create a $30 million fund to plant trees in areas suffering from heat
4-19-22 EPA says it will emphasize environmental justice, community engagement to promote equity
4-18-22 Advocacy group asks Southwest to ‘amp up the urgency’ on protecting Colorado River water
4-17-22 ‘Life and death infrastructure’: Volunteers plant trees for a new Phoenix ‘cool corridor’
4-14-22 Federal agency outlines a plan to curb illegal killings of imperiled Mexican gray wolf
4-4-22 In Mohave County, groundwater supports sprawling farms, but what about future job growth?
3-31-22 Feds count a record number of wild Mexican gray wolves, but advocates want to see more
3-28-22 After a golf course closes, neighbors raise the money to preserve the open space
3-21-22 How low can the Colorado River go? Drought forces states to face tough choices about water
3-19-22 Arizona drought conditions are expected to worsen through the spring, forecast says
3-16-22 Lake Powell’s water levels dip to new low, triggering worries about power production
3-7-22 Trees growing at Emerson Elementary will expand the shade canopy and build community
3-6-22 Lawmaker wants to limit Arizona’s authority over imperiled Mexican gray wolves
2-28-22 Hotter summers, bigger fires, less water: How Arizona is adapting to new climate norms
2-22-22 Study finds big wildfires temporarily boost water supplies and flood risks
2-20-22 The pygmy owl could regain federal protection amid threats by climate change, habitat loss
2-9-22 Groundwater, electric school buses are among the environmental issues at the Legislature
2-8-22 Sonoran desert tortoises face threats, but feds won’t list the species as threatened
2-7-22 New lightning records reveal power of nature and new advances in monitoring technology
2-4-22 Conservation activists say a proposed mine threatens water source in Arizona’s Sky Islands
1-31-22 Tucson digs in against Rosemont copper mine in a dispute over a water storage project
1-29-22 As Arizona updates hunting guidelines, conservation groups focus on native predators
1-22-22 A fast-moving infestation of tiny insects threatens the survival of Arizona’s aspen trees
1-18-22 Biden administration announces 10-year, $3 billion push to tackle growing wildfire threat
1-15-22 Christmas trees are recycled as habitat for fish in Saguaro Lake
1-14-22 Mountain lion encounters are rare, but if you encounter one, here are 5 ways to stay safe
1-10-22 Gov. Ducey wants Arizona to invest $1B in desalination, other water infrastructure
1-7-22 Colorado River forecast improves with early snow, but the outlook could still change
1-3-22 In Pinal County, Colorado River shortage is forcing growers to plant fewer acres
12-29-22 Season for Sharing: Youth Empowered uses sailing to teach kids about STEM, Black history
12-27-22 Paper or plastic? Most Indianapolis shoppers choose least environmentally friendly bags
12-26-22 Scrub Hub: How can Hoosiers reuse or recycle items during the winter holidays?
12-26-22 Here’s how to recycle Christmas Trees in Indy
12-25-22 Indy’s urban gardens train the next generation of community leaders
12-5-22 Indiana customers continue to face higher bills as fossil fuels plants break, costs skyrocket
12-1-22 Northern long-eared bats living in Indiana facing extinction, now listed as endangered
11-28-22 Scrub Hub: Here’s how you can help wildlife over the winter
11-25-22 Don’t want to fight the shopping crowds? State parks offering free admission Black Friday
11-25-22 CenterPoint Energy request 3-month rate hike for 2023 following coal plant failure
11-24-22 Volunteer, state crews contain 110-acre brush fire at Brown County State Park
11-22-22 Air conditioning, treats and hugs. Pardoned turkeys live a luxurious lifestyle at Purdue.
11-18-22 Shoppers seeing higher turkey prices this Thanksgiving after bird flu outbreak
11-16-22 West Lafayette man receives state’s 1st-ever lifetime hunting ban for poaching wild turkeys
11-14-22 Scrub Hub: Are heat pumps better for the environment and my wallet?
11-10-22 Utility companies, Indiana offer billing assistance for winter home heating
11-8-22 In bill gutting wetland protection, lawmakers agreed to a study. It found new law harmful.
11-3-22 Indiana is failing to clean up its toxic coal ash pits, new report says
11-2-22 Advocates, utilities ask Indiana Supreme Court to decide how solar customers are charged
10-18-22 Indianapolis Zoo announces nominees for worldwide wildlife conservation prize
10-18-22 New leader taking the helm at Indiana’s largest environmental organization
10-17-22 Scrub Hub: Solar scammers want your money. How do I spot and avoid them?
10-13-22 West Lafayette teen honored for work fighting climate change at home and across Indiana
10-4-22 A wetter world is changing farm country. Can growers adapt?
10-3-22 Scrub Hub: How can teenagers help protect the environment?
9-30-22 ‘Most expensive crop in decades’: Farmers face higher stakes than ever with inflation
9-26-22 Indiana residents will experience more extreme heat days by midcentury, study says
9-21-22 Grown IN Indiana: Farming program helps former inmates plant new roots in community
9-20-22 Plan to build large warehouse could cause damaging floods, Franklin Township residents say
9-19-22 Scrub Hub: The spongy moth is ‘devastating’ forests across U.S. and it’s coming to Indiana
9-16-22 BP must pay nearly $3M for dangerous air pollution violations at Indiana refinery
9-13-22 Indianapolis Zoo announces finalists for new Emerging Conservationist Award
9-13-22 Can solar panels and row crops coexist on farmland across the skeptical Corn Belt?
9-7-22 Grown IN Indiana: Hemp growers test new strains, ready for legalization
8-31-22 Grown IN Indiana: Bringing farming into classrooms is more than cows, sows and plows
8-26-22 What do shark teeth have to do with Indiana’s groundwater? Researcher digs for answers
8-24-22 From Indiana to your aquarium: Oldest private fish farm in the U.S. raises goldfish, koi
8-22-22 Scrub Hub: What is corn sweat? And does it make our Midwest summers muggy?
8-17-22 Grown IN Indiana: Urban farmers uplift Indy communities, raise next generation
8-10-22 Grown IN Indiana: Wagyu farmer pursuing perfection in cattle operation, restaurant
8-9-22 Scrub Hub: Green job opportunities expected to continue growing in Indiana
8-3-22 Scaling up: Vertical farming takes hold and grows big in Indiana
7-27-22 What’s in a name? Asian carp get a new, more palatable name: Copi
7-21-22 Honey bees face multiple stressors, but IU researchers hope findings reduce colony declines
7-20-22 Hoosier shrimp farm, Indiana’s portal to the sea, boasts ‘freshest seafood for 600 miles’
7-13-22 Flavoring the world: Indiana is a prime spot for growing mint, one of few places across US
7-12-22 Scrub Hub: How do we get rid of these fleas?
7-12-22 We are known as a corn and soy state. But there is much more to farming in Indiana.
7-5-22 White-nose syndrome is killing Indiana bats. Colder caves might save the vital bug eaters
6-30-22 CenterPoint customers to see higher bills after Indiana OKs building two new gas plants
6-29-22 Solar power is about to become a lot more expensive for Hoosiers as net metering expires
6-29-22 Lightning bugs or fireflies: What are those glowing insects called?
6-28-22 Are lightning bugs disappearing from Indiana’s night skies?
6-14-22 Scrub Hub: Is there a good turf grass replacement that’s dog-friendly and low- or no-mow?
6-13-22 Indiana DNR earmarks $25 million in federal funding for land acquisition and conservation
6-7-22 Firefighting foam is toxic. Indiana launches new program to safely get rid of it
6-6-22 EPA announces plan for cleaning up remaining cancer-causing contamination in Franklin
5-31-22 It’s tick season. Here are tips to protect against the blood-sucking bugs
5-26-22 Indiana utility delays plan to retire coal units as feds investigate solar tariff claims
5-24-22 Indy’s Black Mountain reduced to foothill as city begins considering redevelopment plans
5-20-22 Rocky Ripple Board votes to move forward with flood plans that would demolish a dozen homes
5-10-22 Former swamp was an Underground Railroad station, now it is buried beneath Broad Ripple
5-9-22 Report: Indiana utilities shut off electricity to Hoosiers 265,000 times during pandemic
5-6-22 Indiana University forms committee to develop climate action plan, students want commitments
5-3-22 Scrub Hub: Is climate change making Indianapolis’ pothole problems even worse?
4-27-22 Indianapolis pediatrician working to boost sustainability, food safety in school cafeterias
4-22-22 Relative of Indiana’s former ‘Caviar King’ to pay $70,000 in paddlefish poaching case
4-21-22 Looking for an environmentally friendly way to recycle electronics? There’s an option Saturday
4-21-22 Looking for an environmentally friendly way to recycle electronics? There’s an option Saturday
4-20-22 IMS pauses balloon release at Indy 500, partially due to environmental concerns
4-19-22 Scrub Hub: Here’s a history of Earth Day and ways can participate beyond one day a year
4-19-22 Spring ritual: Hoosiers heading out in search of morel mushrooms, a revered natural treat
4-18-22 ‘Logs speak to us’: Trees removed from Newfields get new life as furniture, cheese boards
4-13-22 Egg prices skyrocket as bird flu outbreak hits Indiana, more than half of the country
4-12-22 Judge weighs in on largest logging, burn project ever proposed for Hoosier National Forest
4-8-22 HGTV show ‘Good Bones’ reaches settlement for alleged violations of federal lead paint law
4-5-22 Scrub Hub: Am I mulching the wrong way? Am I killing my trees with volcano mulch?
4-5-22 Electric vehicles would mean jobs for Indiana, but at what cost to workers, environment?
4-4-22 Indianapolis’ urban forests worth $258 million. But they are disappearing to development.
3-30-22 5 species the Indiana Department of Natural Resources has worked to restore
3-30-22 An Indiana species might be added to the endangered list, and it looks like bird poop
3-23-22 USDA grants may help Indiana farmers move on from foreign fertilizer, spur U.S. production
3-22-22 Indiana one of most polluted states. New report says legislature gets a D+ on green bills.
3-22-22 Scrub Hub: Why are utility companies cutting the trees on my street?
3-21-22 Reporting sick or injured wildlife in Indiana: 5 things to know
3-18-22 Walmart fire leaves lingering air, water quality questions. Officials share safety tips.
3-17-22 UPDATE: Walmart fire triggers air quality advisory, state warns of touching toxic debris
3-17-22 UPDATE: Walmart fire triggers air quality advisory, state warns of touching toxic debris
3-17-22 New report finds Indiana has the most dirty waterways in U.S. Agriculture is main culprit.
3-14-22 Indiana communities are looking up to trees to reduce the impact felt from climate change
3-11-22 Indiana Supreme Court: Duke can’t make customers pay $212 million to clean up coal ash
3-10-22 Indiana town was built on contaminated coal ash. Now, NIPSCO must pay $12M to clean it up
3-8-22 Scrub Hub: Why doesn’t Indiana have a bottle bill program like other states?
3-7-22 Customers paying for idled AES plant. They’re also paying to buy power it should have produced
3-7-22 Indiana farmers watch Russia-Ukraine conflict as crop, fertilizer markets remain volatile
3-2-22 Life on the river attracted people to Rocky Ripple, now the water may drive out families
3-1-22 Bill wants Indiana counties to be wind, solar friendly — but it doesn’t force them
2-25-22 AES Indiana plans to leave coal power behind by 2025, parent company says
2-23-22 Holcomb pushes back on bill creating more legislative oversight over Indiana agencies
2-22-22 Scrub Hub: How does road salt affect the environment, and how does Indy reduce harm?
2-17-22 Bird flu hits third Indiana farm: More than 103,000 turkeys now killed because of virus
2-17-22 This military program aims to protect land. Millions of Indiana acres are involved.
2-15-22 Indiana outbreak of bird flu grows, an additional 26,000 turkeys to be killed from virus
2-14-22 Indiana steelmaker has to pay $3 million for cyanide spill that killed thousands of fish
2-14-22 RecycleForce gets federal money to train more formerly incarcerated for environmental jobs
2-10-22 Bird flu found on poultry farm in Indiana, nearly 30,000 turkeys killed to contain spread
2-8-22 Scrub Hub: Why were dozens of trees cut down at Newfields’ 100 Acres Park?
2-1-22 Severe winter weather is on the way: Tips to prevent frozen pipes, safely heat your home
2-1-22 The surprising Indiana origins of the Pentagon, Empire State Building and more landmarks
1-31-22 Indiana bill targets banks that divest from fossil fuels, says they can’t do business here
1-25-22 Scrub Hub: Is Indiana in the middle of a snow drought? (Yes, I know it just snowed)
1-24-22 A bill would pave the way for nuclear power in Indiana — at a cost to consumers
1-24-22 Indiana students demand action on climate change. Lawmakers respond with hard ‘no.’
1-12-22 CenterPoint wants to spend $900M on 2 natural gas plants that will run 10% of the time
1-11-22 Indiana has the most toxic coal ash pits. The EPA says it’s time to clean them up
1-11-22 Scrub Hub: Why can’t we ban plastic bags in Indiana?
1-5-22 Smaller streams are polluting the White River. You can help fix it.
1-4-22 It will cost more to hunt, fish and trap in Indiana starting this year
1-3-22 New Year’s resolutions: How Hoosiers hope to live a more sustainable lifestyle this year
12-31-21 The Arizona astronomer who made sure ‘Don’t Look Up’ got things right
12-29-21 Where are all the beavers on Arizona’s San Pedro River? Volunteers go looking for them
12-25-21 Amid a climate crisis, people of faith seek a deeper connection to the environment
12-22-21 Fireplace smoke, fireworks force many people in Phoenix area to spend holidays indoors
12-19-21 Activists rally for a healthy environment amendment. Could it pass in Arizona?
12-16-21 Tribes take a greater role in managing the Colorado River, still seek water rights
12-15-21 Arizona joins Nevada, California and tribes in a pledge to slash Colorado River water use
12-15-21 100 degrees in the Arctic? A new record raises alarms among climate scientists
12-6-21 How shade trees and cool roofs can slow the billion-dollar drain of urban heat in Phoenix
12-3-21 What if it’s too warm to snow? Water managers across the West need to adapt, report says
11-29-21 Investors are buying up rural Arizona farmland to sell the water to urban homebuilders
11-29-21 How the Schultz Fire reveals long-term costs of big wildfires, from floods to habitat loss
11-22-21 In Arizona’s riparian areas, cattle compete with imperiled species for fragile resources
11-20-21 With cutbacks imminent, Arizona and other states scramble to save Colorado River water
11-1-21 The sand is there, but low water levels halt a controlled flood to restore Grand Canyon’s beaches
10-31-21 As cities take the lead in climate action, Phoenix leaders will attend Glasgow conference
10-30-21 New rules would lift limits on Mexican gray wolves, but activists say changes fall short
10-25-21 Indigenous peoples seek greater voice and more influence at COP26 climate conference
10-23-21 Brown tarantulas are on the move as the arachnids embark on a mating journey
10-18-21 Vice president urges enactment of climate spending on visit to drought-stricken Lake Mead
10-18-21 As more wildlife species vanish worldwide, here are 6 in Arizona that face extinction
10-16-21 Air quality remains poor in Phoenix, where pollution outlasted the pandemic shutdown
10-15-21 Grand Canyon’s humpback chub downlisted from endangered to threatened
10-15-21 Should Arizona forest be burned to save it? Latest delay in thinning project revives debate
10-14-21 New EPA report confirms what South Phoenix’s residents of color know: Climate change discriminates
10-7-21 Phoenix names a heat officer, with a goal of easing the risk of rising temperatures
9-28-21 Arizona monsoon leaves behind full rain gauges and flood damage. Is a dry winter on tap?
9-18-21 Wildlife officials drew a line at I-40 for Mexican gray wolves, but has it hurt recovery?
9-15-21 Outdoor workers could be exposed to even more days of extreme heat, report finds
9-13-21 Wildlife managers say imperiled fish are recovering but may always need human help
9-12-21 A Hopi farmer works to sustain corn-growing traditions in the face of a changing climate
9-8-21 A shot of recycled water revives a flourishing ecosystem on the Santa Cruz River in Tucson
9-7-21 On the San Pedro River, water use is drying up stretches of a biodiverse ‘ribbon of green’
9-6-21 Dry wells, lower flows raise alarm about the Verde River’s future
9-3-21 ‘Good fires’ gave forest managers a useful tool. Climate change may take it away
8-18-21 Anubis, a Mexican gray wolf found outside his territory, is relocated amid outcry from scientists, advocates
8-16-21 First-ever water shortage on the Colorado River will bring cuts for Arizona farmers
8-13-21 Scientists say past events can help predict next climate change ‘tipping points’
8-4-21 Black-footed ferrets were nearly extinct. Here’s how landowners want to help bring them back
7-26-21 Lake Powell water levels hit a record low and continue to decline
7-25-21 ‘Long overdue’: Lawmakers propose $6.7 billion to bring clean drinking water to Indian Country
7-24-21 Lake Powell water levels near record low as drought deepens on the Colorado River
7-13-21 Juniper trees usually thrive in Arizona’s arid climate. The drought is killing them
7-12-21 How city dwellers’ fear of snakes can help researchers study human-wildlife interactions
7-8-21 Plan for development near San Pedro River hits obstacle as government suspends permit
6-29-21 NASA-funded study uses International Space Station to predict wildfire effects
6-29-21 A biomass energy plant in Snowflake helps power forest thinning on post-fire landscapes
6-29-21 Arizona wildfires: Bigger, hotter than ever. How will the land recover?
6-25-21 New GOP-only caucus explicitly acknowledges climate change, but keeps fossil fuels on its list of solutions
6-14-21 Some Arizona golf courses are pushing back against the state’s plan to reduce water use
6-10-21 ‘Red alert’: Lake Mead falls to lowest water level since Hoover Dam’s construction in 1930s
6-10-21 ‘Red alert’: Lake Mead falls to record-low level, a milestone in Colorado River’s crisis
6-7-21 Hoover Dam, a symbol of the modern West, faces an epic water shortage
5-29-21 Dumpster program gives rural hunters alternative in fight against wildlife disease
5-29-21 Navajo Nation prepares as surrounding states deal with chronic wasting disease
5-29-21 Wasting disease outbreak would imperil Arizona wildlife, lucrative hunting industry
5-28-21 As Lake Mead drops below shortage mark, shifting shorelines keep marinas in motion
5-27-21 Hoover Dam, symbol of the modern West, faces a new test with an epic water shortage
5-16-21 Could helium lift rural Arizona economy? Locals say they want answers about fracking plans
5-13-21 ‘Our own survival is at stake’: Arizona is using up its groundwater, researchers warn
5-10-21 Emails show mining industry, home-builders pushed for changes in water bill — and got them
5-4-21 New normals: The Southwest has grown hotter and drier over the past decade, data shows
4-30-21 Facing a Colorado River shortage, Arizona prepares for the pain of water cutbacks
4-28-21 A ‘hidden crisis’: Millions of groundwater wells are at risk of running dry, scientists find
4-26-21 Wildlife as property owners? An ASU law professor puts the theory to practice in Phoenix
4-23-21 As a hotter, drier climate grips the Colorado River, water risks grow across the Southwest
4-22-21 From the Gila River to Bears Ears, a renewed push to protect public lands in the Southwest
4-16-21 Trail cameras reveal more than 100 wildlife species along Arizona’s southern borderlands
4-16-21 Trump’s border wall scarred sacred lands, displaced wildlife and drained water. Can it be taken down?
4-16-21 How recent jaguar sightings give experts hope for species recovery on both sides of the Arizona-Mexico border
4-9-21 ‘It’s so cool to see’: Building dams by night, beavers resurface along Arizona’s San Pedro River
4-6-21 Southwest braces for water cutbacks as drought deepens along the Colorado River
4-3-21 Along the San Pedro River, a conservationist’s dream of restoring habitat has dimmed
3-20-21 Mexican gray wolf population continues to expand, growing by 14% in 2020 survey
3-17-21 Arizona, New Mexico could support more jaguars in a wider area, a new study finds
3-15-21 Low-income and Latino neighborhoods endure more extreme heat in the Southwest, study shows
3-14-21 Between anger and sadness: How the climate crisis has become a mental health crisis
3-10-21 Attempts to protect Arizona’s groundwater and rivers meet legislative resistance
3-10-21 Attempts to protect Arizona’s groundwater and rivers meet legislative resistance
3-2-21 Republic offers environment reporting fellowships through Pulliam Trust grant
2-26-21 House votes to permanently block uranium mining near Grand Canyon
2-24-21 Refuge in refuse: Hardy pioneers ride out the COVID-19 pandemic in sustainable Earthships
2-19-21 As Arizona lawmakers consider clean-water rules, critics say the proposal falls short
2-17-21 Developer withdraws plans for ‘glamping’ project near Sedona’s Bear Mountain — for now
2-10-21 ‘It’s just a free-for-all’: As water declines in rural Arizona, oversight faces resistance
2-3-21 Elusive jaguar and ocelot captured on Southern Arizona trail cameras
2-1-21 Phoenix Zoo sends Mexican gray wolves packing as officials survey imperiled species
1-31-21 Heat killed a record number of people in Arizona last year, ‘a staggering increase’
1-30-21 Tensions rise over company’s plan to sell Colorado River water in Arizona
1-19-21 Few resources, long distances and a fearless outlook make heat deadlier in rural Arizona
1-18-21 Public lands activists hope Biden will permanently halt Grand Canyon uranium mines, restore monuments
1-8-21 Climate change is hitting the Colorado River ‘incredibly fast and incredibly hard’
1-5-21 Climate change lures ‘snowbird’ cormorants to Phoenix, upsetting ecosystems and residents
12-28-21 Scrub Hub: Where are the best places to spot bald eagles in Indiana?
12-27-21 What’s one sustainable change you made in your life in the last year? You tell us!
12-23-21 Purdue creates the whitest white paint that could eliminate need for air conditioning
12-22-21 Indiana hunters have donated deer for 2 million meals for hungry Hoosiers in last decade
12-17-21 ‘Universal disappointment’: Duke’s new energy plan still leans heavily into fossil fuels
12-14-21 Scrub Hub: How has the coronavirus pandemic hurt air quality?
12-8-21 Do you still have bags of leaves? Here’s where to take them now that leaf season is over
12-8-21 Indiana to get $127 million to help clean up lead and other water projects across state
12-3-21 BP must pay more than $500,000 for repeated pollution violations at refinery on Lake Michigan
12-1-21 Indiana’s environmental leader Bruno Pigott leaving IDEM for post at EPA
11-30-21 Scrub Hub: Why doesn’t Indiana have a car emissions inspection program?
11-23-21 Here’s what you can do with your Thanksgiving leftovers and keep food out of the landfill
11-19-21 What are your tips and tricks to keep food waste down during the holidays? You tell us?
11-16-21 How many solar panels do I need? Does solar really save me money? Your questions answered
11-16-21 Scrub Hub: What is radon gas and how harmful is it to my health? (The answer: very)
11-15-21 Tires, VHS tapes, old TVs: What Hoosiers said are the most difficult items to recycle
11-10-21 What are the most difficult items to recycle in Indianapolis? You tell us!
11-9-21 How to get started with solar panels on your home in Indiana
11-9-21 Northwest Indiana will be home to largest solar farm in U.S., covering 13,000 acres
11-8-21 IDEM plans to address pollution at ‘Southside stench’ facility, but odor likely to remain
11-2-21 Scrub Hub: Can indoor air quality hurt my health more than the outdoor air?
11-1-21 Indiana United for our Future PAC wants to go toe-to-toe with big business on environment
10-29-21 Grassroots group sees canceled meeting as a red flag in IU’s commitment to going green
10-26-21 AES is asking customers to pay extra as Eagle Valley power plant sits offline for 6 months
10-19-21 Scrub Hub: Are meal kit services bad for the environment, compared to a grocery store?
10-13-21 Executive director Jesse Kharbanda steps down from Hoosier Environmental Council
10-5-21 Scrub Hub: Are trees in Indiana bypassing fall and dropping their leaves early?
10-2-21 Hoosiers expected to see higher heating bills this winter as natural gas prices skyrocket
9-29-21 Scrub Hub: How do carbon fee policies work, and do Hoosier lawmakers support them?
9-28-21 Preliminary test results for US Steel spill: Elevated iron turns Lake Michigan orange
9-27-21 Unknown orange substance spills from US Steel plant, fouls Lake Michigan, closes beaches
9-23-21 Want to hear from one of the world’s greatest conservationists? Check out these events
9-14-21 You can help stop the dangerous Spotted lanternfly invasion in Indiana
9-13-21 Hoosiers in all counties can feed birds again, but cause of songbird illness still unknown
9-3-21 An old can of paint or bottle of pesticides: How to dispose of toxic household items
8-31-21 Songbird deaths: Cicadas? 5G? COVID? 9 questions answered about the fatal mystery illness
8-25-21 Trash, recycling pile up in Indianapolis as Republic Services falls behind on routes
8-24-21 Scrub Hub: What makes Indiana a hot spot for bird migration?
8-17-21 Black vultures are eating cows alive. Now, farmers can shoot the birds.
8-11-21 Scrub Hub: Happy anniversary to us! See all your environmental questions answered so far.
8-10-21 Scrub Hub: Does lightning help fertilize Indiana’s corn and soy crops?
8-10-21 Hours after alarming UN climate report, City-County Council passes environmental committee
8-9-21 Hoosiers in 76 counties can feed birds again, DNR says. But Marion is not one of them
8-9-21 ‘Time to pass the buck is over’: City-County Council considering a standing environmental committee
8-4-21 Puede que vuelvas a oír cigarras en Indiana
8-4-21 It’s hot in Indianapolis: Here’s how to protect your plants from extreme heat
8-3-21 Poison hemlock is invading Indiana. It’s not alone. These 5 poisonous plants are too.
8-3-21 This deadly invasive weed is moving into Indiana’s parks, flower beds and backyard gardens
7-27-21 Scrub Hub: How much electricity does an Indiana wind turbine produce?
7-27-21 Prince Albert II of Monaco has a new title: the Indianapolis Zoo’s wildlife ambassador
7-26-21 A toxic spill or illegal burning: Here’s how to report an environmental emergency
7-22-21 Local artists’ ‘art canoes’ draw attention to the beauty, history of Indy’s White River
7-21-21 You might be hearing cicadas in Indiana again, but it’s not Brood X
7-20-21 How 80% of waste from Bankers Life Fieldhouse renovations is being kept out of landfills
7-19-21 Indiana gives utilities $5.5 million to build electric vehicle chargers across the state
7-15-21 Once one of the few places Black residents could swim in Indy, Belmont Beach finds new life as pop-up park
7-13-21 Scrub Hub: Smoke from fireworks is laced with toxins, particles that can send you to ER
7-13-21 These are the 10 most popular state parks in Indiana
7-8-21 Songbirds are dying across Indiana, and experts still don’t know why: What we know so far
6-30-21 Han pasado 4 semanas desde que aparecieron las cigarras en Indiana. ¿Qué hemos aprendido?
6-29-21 Scrub Hub: Why Indiana’s Lake Michigan waterfront is seeing its worst erosion in decades
6-28-21 Bring in your bird feeders: Sick and dying songbirds have been found in 10 more counties
6-28-21 It’s been 4 weeks since cicadas emerged across Indiana. What have we learned about them?
6-25-21 Indiana Republicans join the new Conservative Climate Caucus. Here’s what that means
6-23-21 Cardinals, robins, other songbirds are sick and dying in 5 counties. Here’s what to know.
6-22-21 Toxic cancer-causing contamination in Franklin may have spread, report says
6-17-21 Pacers bikeshare bikes will be free on some Knozone Action Days this summer, but not today
6-15-21 Why some Indianapolis parents fear getting their homes tested for lead
6-15-21 IUPUI initiative to offer free, anonymous lead testing: Here’s what you need to know
6-15-21 Scrub Hub: Monarch butterflies are in trouble, but Hoosiers can help them survive
6-11-21 An Indy love affair or nightmare? From 90 decibels to carcass shells. Dear cicadas, ‘Ew’
6-9-21 Is your dog snacking on cicadas? Here’s how to keep them safe until the insects disappear
6-4-21 Indiana cement plant to pay millions in fines, upgrades over alleged Clean Air Act violations
6-1-21 Scrub Hub: What causes air pollution in Indianapolis, and how does it compare to others?
5-27-21 Indiana sanctuary takes in rescue cats from ‘Tiger King Park’ of Netflix fame
5-27-21 Cicadas have existed for more than 5 million years. Now, humans threaten their future.
5-26-21 Están aquí: Miles de cigarras están emergiendo en Indiana Central
5-26-21 Why there won’t be a balloon release at the Indy 500 this year
5-24-21 ‘2020 was a curveball’: Indy’s new sustainability director sets plans for climate change
5-24-21 Bike lanes, electric vehicles: 9 ways Indianapolis has improved on sustainability goals
5-21-21 They’re here: Cicadas are emerging in the thousands across Central Indiana
5-19-21 They’re coming: Millions of cicadas likely to emerge in Central Indiana within the week
5-18-21 Scrub Hub: How do I organize a cleanup to get rid of litter and trash in my neighborhood?
5-17-21 20% of Indiana’s hemp crop was destroyed last year because it had too much THC
5-13-21 City removing a recycling drop-off location, but here’s where you can go instead
5-7-21 5 acres of food in 80 feet: Urban farmer grows a garden in the heart of Indianapolis
5-4-21 Scrub Hub: What’s the future of bike lanes in Indianapolis?
4-30-21 Gov. Holcomb vetoes bill about ethanol labels at gas stations, calls it ‘unnecessary’
4-30-21 Indianapolis residents watch neighborhoods change, forests disappear with development
4-30-21 Indianapolis has few urban forests left — but many are privately owned and at risk
4-26-21 Sus árboles pueden estar en riesgo por las cigarras. He aquí cómo protegerlos.
4-23-21 10 hot spots to see cicadas around Indiana
4-21-21 How the late snow could affect your plants — and how to protect them
4-21-21 16 virtual events and outdoor activities you can do to celebrate Earth Day this year
4-20-21 Scrub Hub: Do landfills contribute to climate change? What’s being done to stop it?
4-15-21 10 cosas que debe saber sobre las cigarras en Indiana
4-15-21 ‘Like a hostage negotiation’: Indiana bill on renewable energy standards dies after pushback
4-14-21 Your trees may be at risk from the tens of millions of cicadas. Here’s how to protect them.
4-14-21 Amended Indiana bill puts more wetlands on the chopping block
4-13-21 No, they won’t bite: Debunking 8 common myths about cicadas and the incoming Brood X
4-12-21 Cicadas turned into zombies and cicada killer wasps: 10 things to know about Brood X
4-12-21 ‘Otherworldly’: For the first time in 17 years, millions of cicadas will be swarming Indiana
4-7-21 Bill to eliminate wetlands law amended to cut regulation with scalpel, not ‘meat cleaver’
4-6-21 Bradford pear trees are highly invasive. This is why they aren’t banned in Indiana.
4-6-21 Scrub Hub: What are more environmentally friendly alternatives to a lawn of grass?
4-2-21 After local pushback, Indiana bill on wind, solar standards takes a ‘180 degree turn’
3-25-21 March Madness uses enough energy to power 2,000 homes for a month. But this year, it’s carbon neutral.
3-23-21 Scrub Hub: Do wind turbines and solar panels go to the landfill, or can they be recycled?
3-22-21 Indiana AG Todd Rokita files brief to stop California cities from setting climate policy
3-20-21 The state thought it had reached a compromise on wetlands bill. Then it was blindsided.
3-19-21 Lawmakers want to strip protections for state wetlands. This 11-year-old is trying to stop them.
3-15-21 From bamboo to burning bush, these 5 plants invasive to Indiana might be in your backyard
3-15-21 Here are 5 of the most harmful invasive animals and insects wreaking havoc in Indiana
3-12-21 More than 30 states, including Indiana, find invasive zebra mussels in aquarium moss balls
3-12-21 Have an aquarium? Here are the 5 things to know about invasive zebra mussels in moss balls
3-10-21 34 Indiana counties restrict wind, solar projects. Lawmakers are pushing a bill to override them.
3-10-21 34 Indiana counties restrict wind, solar projects
3-9-21 Scrub Hub: Can an HOA stand in the way of a homeowner who wants to go solar?
3-3-21 Banning natural gas would cut emissions. But lawmakers don’t want that happening in Indiana.
3-1-21 House environmental committee a no-show despite Indiana being one of U.S.’ most polluted
3-1-21 75 environmental bills were filed this session; more than two-thirds of them are now dead
2-23-21 Scrub Hub: What local services will compost my food scraps?
2-18-21 The polar vortex has left millions of Texans without power. Could the same happen to Hoosiers?
2-18-21 50 economists from Indiana, ‘a coal state,’ call on Congress to act on climate change
2-16-21 Legalizing hemp flower could net big money; police say upholding laws would be impossible
2-15-21 Legislation tackles toxic ‘forever chemicals’ found in Indianapolis’ drinking water
2-10-21 Animal welfare group blasts hunt that it says killed roughly 60 coyotes in Indiana
2-10-21 Other states are making utilities dig up toxic coal ash. Indiana is letting it sit there.
2-9-21 Scrub Hub: What are the benefits of composting and how can I get started?
2-8-21 Authors of bill to eliminate Indiana’s wetlands protections have ties to building industry
2-8-21 Amid fierce debate, here are the facts about Indiana’s wetlands program
2-1-21 More than 75 bills are related to the environment this session. Here are ones we’re following.
1-31-21 5 things you need to know about what Biden’s plan for a carbon market means for farmers
1-26-21 Scrub Hub: Does DNR have any future plans for more wildlife recoveries like the bald eagle?
1-25-21 ‘Last line of defense’: New bill would strip protections for many of Indiana’s wetlands
1-18-21 There is a lot of money on the table with carbon markets. But farmers are skeptical.
1-18-21 ‘The biggest obstacle is change’: How farmers are being convinced to update their methods
1-18-21 How consumers could drive more farmers to fight climate change
1-15-21 Biden picks Hoosier Janet McCabe to be No. 2 at the Environmental Protection Agency
1-15-21 Biden picks Hoosier Janet McCabe to be No. 2 at the Environmental Protection Agency
1-12-21 Scrub Hub: What should I do to keep my plants alive during the winter?
12-23-20 Colorado River tribes seek approval from Congress to put water on the market in Arizona
12-14-20 ‘We need water to survive’: Hopi Tribe pushes for solutions in long struggle for water
12-9-20 Recover or restore? Bill Williams project aims to prevent wildfires by thinning forests
12-9-20 Feds round up feral cattle along the Verde River after habitat damage complaints
12-7-20 ‘Everything is drying up’: As springs on Hopi land decline, a sacred connection is threatened
12-7-20 ‘Everything depends on the corn’: As crops wither, the Hopi fear for their way of life
12-3-20 How a rare squirrel could reveal changes in a forest ecosystem damaged by wildfire
11-20-20 To protect native fish, agencies put a bounty on brown trout in the Colorado River
11-16-20 Scouts, anglers join forces to improve conditions for native trout at Christopher Creek
11-15-20 Boyce Thompson Arboretum makes room for thousands of fragile desert specimens
11-11-20 Arizona state wildlife agency sends 3 commission candidates to governor
11-9-20 Phoenix Zoo conservation work gives imperiled Chiricahua leopard frogs a path to survival
11-7-20 Federal agencies agree to gather more data on threatened Mexican spotted owl
11-2-20 Mount Graham red squirrel population grows after a wildfire devastated critical habitat
10-31-20 With world’s aquatic life at risk, scientists issue rare call to action on climate change
10-29-20 Gray wolves lose endangered species protections, but Mexican wolves keep status
10-29-20 Rivers, clean air, imperiled species: How Trump’s environmental rollbacks affect Arizona
10-25-20 Faith communities urge voters to cast their ballots with climate in mind
10-15-20 Extreme heat, little relief: Will every summer in Phoenix be as hot as this year?
10-7-20 Federal land agency to allow grazing on Sonoran monument, site of tortoise habitat
10-2-20 ‘It makes me so angry’: First-time voters want leaders to act now on climate change
10-1-20 Free bird: Rescued hawk is released with a tracker after months of rehab
9-30-20 Arizona lawmakers, activists denounce federal clean car standards rollback
9-25-20 As climate change fuels heat, fires, drought, Republic panel examines threats, solutions
9-25-20 From hero to zero: Arizona was a leader in climate policy 15 years ago. What happened?
9-23-20 Federal agency keeps protections on Arizona’s ‘rain crow,’ rejecting opposition
9-21-20 Arizonans are growing more concerned about climate change, and for good reason
9-21-20 Most people in Arizona want government to act on climate change, poll finds
9-20-20 Climate issues confront Arizona, but aren’t always raised in McSally-Kelly Senate race
9-20-20 Arizonans are growing more concerned about climate change, and for good reason
9-18-20 Most people in Arizona want government to act on climate change, poll finds
9-9-20 Utah’s proposal to build Colorado River pipeline gets pushback from 6 states
9-7-20 Arizona had slowed quagga mussel invasion, but a rise in boat sales could renew the threat
9-5-20 How the hot, dry Phoenix summer set off an invasion of crickets and other pests
9-5-20 Arizona endorses a company’s plan to sell Colorado River water to Queen Creek
9-4-20 Retired general: Climate change is a threat to national security, military readiness
8-31-20 In Phoenix’s hottest neighborhoods, a ground-level search for ideas to tame extreme heat
8-28-20 ‘We’re drying the fuels’: How climate change is making wildfires worse in the West
8-27-20 In Phoenix, rising temperatures day and night kill more people each year
8-27-20 Invasive tamarisk beetles reach the Gila River, defying predictions and raising concerns
8-27-20 Invasive tamarisk beetles reach the Gila River, defying predictions and raising concerns
8-22-20 ‘Driest I’ve seen’: Without summer rains, Arizona cattle ranchers confront tough choices
8-21-20 Phoenix will feel the heat at extreme levels more often in the coming years, study says
8-19-20 Migratory birds keep protections as judge strikes down Trump administration rule change
8-18-20 Glen Canyon Dam tapped for emergency water releases to meet California power demands
8-17-20 With no help from the monsoon, state crews deliver water to wildlife
8-15-20 ‘The pie keeps shrinking’: Lake Mead’s low level will trigger water cutbacks for Arizona, Nevada
8-14-20 Protesters at the San Pedro River say the border wall threatens habitat, risks flooding
8-10-20 ‘Grow it if we can’: Aquaponics pioneer reimagines food in victory gardens, ‘edible landscapes’
8-1-20 Glen Canyon Dam may release more water to cope with COVID electricity needs
7-23-20 Waiting for water: On the Navajo Nation, long lines, scarce resources, a cry for solutions
7-20-20 Emails and documents raise questions about Army base’s water deal near the San Pedro River
7-17-20 As monsoon storms loom, border wall construction begins across San Pedro
7-15-20 A lightning bolt 440 miles long? ASU scientist verifies longest-ever flash
7-9-20 ‘Hey, we’re here’: Black conservationists claim their space in their field
6-18-20 Conservation groups sue to protect habitat for imperiled Mount Graham red squirrel
6-18-20 Will the iconic saguaro cactus start to disappear from parts of the Southwest?
6-15-20 20 Mexican gray wolf pups are released into the wild, aiding the species’ recovery effort
6-12-20 Traffic was down in Phoenix, but ozone levels remained stubbornly high. What’s happening?
6-7-20 Study says Phoenix reservoirs are resilient to warming, scientists warn risks remain
5-29-20 Arizona company ordered to pay $5 million for arsenic leak from old mine
5-25-20 A traveling ICU nurse finds peace on a fishing line in Arizona’s high country
5-23-20 Facing concerns about damming Little Colorado River, company plans dams in another canyon
5-21-20 Private meetings spark concerns as Arizona considers rules for streams and wetlands
5-15-20 ‘Cool pavement’ experiments help urban planners find ways to ease rising temperatures
5-14-20 Arizona awaits EPA decision on adding toxic Phoenix site to Superfund list
5-13-20 As wall construction continues, conservation groups fear the fate of San Pedro River
5-6-20 Supercharged by climate change, ‘megadrought’ points to drier future in the West
4-24-20 Facing water cutbacks, Arizona farmers ‘in limbo’ despite $10 million federal pledge
4-24-20 Trump nuclear energy plan could reopen areas near the Grand canyon to uranium mining
4-23-20 What’s that owl doing? Wildlife cams offer a link to the wild for Arizonans at home
4-23-20 As Arizonans battle respiratory pandemic, Phoenix air quality earns poor marks
4-22-20 50 years after the first Earth Day, environmental activists confront another global crisis
4-20-20 How a trickle of water is breathing life into the parched Colorado River Delta
4-18-20 Navajo Nation’s water shortage may be supporting COVID-19 spread
4-15-20 Feds look to next chapter for controversial gray wolves
4-13-20 Air pollution levels ease as people stay home, but heat could reverse the trend
4-11-20 Feds want to open or expand hunting on 4 national wildlife refuges in Arizona
4-5-20 On Arizona vegetable farms, growers grapple with harvest demands and coronavirus risks
4-3-20 A hummingbird in way of a looming roofing project safely flies the nest
4-3-20 Reservoirs that supply water to Phoenix area nearly full after wet winter
4-1-20 EPA releases a list of disinfectants that can help you fight the new coronavirus
3-26-20 A Phoenix woman wants to save a baby hummingbird. Her HOA may not let her
3-26-20 It may look like a wildflower, but ‘stinknet’ is a menace to native plants and people
3-24-20 You won’t contract coronavirus from Phoenix-area tap water. Here’s why
3-24-20 Burrowing owls are losing their habitat to growth, but there’s hope for the quirky bird
3-19-20 EPA fines mining company for failing to control dust at Arizona copper smelter
3-19-20 Mexican gray wolf population grows by 24% in the 2019 survey
3-15-20 Tensions emerge as a top Arizona official discusses tribes’ unresolved water claims
3-14-20 Groups sue over groundwater pumping linked to Arizona Army base, warning river is at risk
3-5-20 Court orders EPA to take action on Arizona’s plan to curb harmful air pollution
3-5-20 As a town invests in lobbyists, critics fear it could fast-track Grand Canyon development
2-27-20 These bald eagle nestwatchers help an imperiled species soar again over Arizona
2-26-20 Bills that would strengthen rural groundwater rules die in Arizona Legislature
2-22-20 Rising temperatures are taking a worsening toll on the Colorado River, study finds
2-21-20 Arizona Senate committee shelves groundwater bill after impassioned debate
2-20-20 How is the Verde River doing? Conservation groups give the watershed a C-plus
2-14-20 As Arizona weighs water reforms, farms push back against reporting pumping data
2-11-20 Judge sides with opponents of Rosemont copper mine, overturns wildlife analysis
2-10-20 Health of packs studied, new wolves identified in annual Mexican gray wolf count
2-9-20 Mohave County leaders ask state to help safeguard declining groundwater
2-5-20 Crews cut down cottonwood trees at San Pedro River to make way for Trump's border wall
2-5-20 Family sets aside 2,500 acres for conservation on historic southern Arizona ranch
2-3-20 Concerns grow that Trump's wall will damage rivers, wildlife habitat on Arizona border
2-1-20 Imperiled ocelots found south of the U.S.-Mexico border, renewing concerns about a wall
1-29-20 Swimming pools and lush lawns? As water use slows, that image of Phoenix is changing
1-27-20 Bill would block transfers of Colorado River water from rural areas to growing cities
1-23-20 Trump rollback of clean water rules leaves many Arizona streams without protections
1-15-20 Apache activist Wendsler Nosie followed a lifelong path to Resolution copper mine protest
1-14-20 Legislature plans to address groundwater crisis in rural Arizona
12-29-20 If you choose to fly, here’s how you can do it in a greener way
12-29-20 Scrub Hub: How can I be more environmentally-friendly in the new year?
12-23-20 Here’s how to keep fatty holiday foods from clogging your sewer pipes
12-23-20 Cómo evitar obstrucciones en tuberías de alcantarillado causadas por alimentos indulgentes
12-22-20 The COVID-19 relief bill could make solar power more affordable. Here’s what to know.
12-21-20 Riding the ‘solar coaster’: Tax credits could be extended as part of COVID-19 relief bill
12-21-20 ‘Tricky this year’: How to help the planet while gift shopping during the pandemic
12-21-20 7 tips for sustainable gift giving during the most wonderful (and wasteful) time of year
12-18-20 How to choose a holiday meal that’s good for the environment
12-15-20 Scrub Hub: What is a green power program, and how can it help me buy renewable energy?
11-23-20 ‘Will we have water when we need it?’: How Indiana utilities are preparing for climate change
11-20-20 Indiana’s energy future: Report praises renewables but doesn’t rule out fossil fuels
11-18-20 ¿Cómo puedo reducir el desperdicio de alimentos en este Día de Acción de Gracias?
11-17-20 Scrub Hub: How can I cut back on food waste during Thanksgiving?
11-17-20 Here’s what the Indiana Coal Council and other groups want for the state’s energy future
11-17-20 Will Indiana stick with coal or embrace renewables? Energy task force to decide this week
11-15-20 It’s America Recycles Day: Here’s where to take your hard-to-recycle items
11-9-20 For some Rocky Ripple residents, protecting the town from climate change comes at a price
11-3-20 Scrub Hub (Election Day Edition): What Indiana laws have helped or hurt the environment?
10-29-20 ‘Farming is in a funny place politically’: Will farmers still vote for Trump after 4 tough years?
10-29-20 ‘Didn’t shut the door’: Indiana row crop farmer said Trump took care of them during trade wars
10-29-20 ‘Happening on our farm right now’: Indiana regenerative farmer wants someone strong on climate
10-29-20 ‘No one working together’: Indiana produce farmer doesn’t know who he’ll vote for president
10-9-20 Thousands of Hoosiers are struggling to pay their energy bills. These programs could help.
10-7-20 U.S. Supreme Court rejects petition challenging Indiana’s Right to Farm law
10-6-20 Scrub Hub: What are the do’s and don’ts of recycling and how do I become better at recycling?
10-5-20 Environmental issues loom large in 2020 election. Here’s what they could mean for Indiana.
9-25-20 A small but passionate crowd joins global climate strike to call for environmental justice
9-22-20 Scrub Hub: Indianapolis has a ton of raccoons and we’re not sure why
9-21-20 ¿Su casa corre riesgo de inundación? En estos códigos postales, el riesgo puede ser mayor
9-18-20 New poll shows Hoosiers prioritize the environment over the economy, even among Republicans
9-18-20 Op-ed: Environment, political action are priorities for Indiana voters, poll finds
9-18-20 Op-ed: Environment, political action are priorities for Indiana voters, poll finds
9-18-20 New poll shows Hoosiers prioritize the environment over the economy, even among Republicans
9-18-20 ‘It’s unprecedented’: Environmental advocates prepare for a divisive election year
9-8-20 Scrub Hub: What are drainage tiles and why are they an environmental issue?
9-2-20 Hoosiers support climate policies — even if they don’t believe in climate change
8-31-20 IPL to pay millions in fines, upgrades over alleged Clean Air Act violations at Petersburg
8-31-20 ‘Those rooms couldn’t be more white’: Lack of diversity in utilities could hurt customers
8-31-20 Indianapolis is missing some sidewalks. That could present an environmental challenge.
8-25-20 Scrub Hub: Where in Indianapolis can you shop in bulk to cut down on package waste?
8-20-20 Controversial zinc plant that got booted out of Muncie finds new home in Cass County
8-17-20 113,000 more properties may be at risk of flooding in Indiana than previously thought, report says
8-17-20 Is your home at risk of flooding? In these ZIP codes the risk may be greater than thought
8-14-20 Utility shut-offs could start Monday — but it’s hard to say how many will be hit
8-12-20 Utility disconnections for struggling of Hoosiers may begin soon; payment plans extended
8-11-20 Scrub Hub: What is Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett’s record on sustainability?
8-11-20 Scrub Hub: What is the Scrub Hub?
8-7-20 IMS has canceled this year’s Indy 500 balloon release — for now
8-7-20 A cheating Olympian: Why honeysuckle does not play fair
8-6-20 Coal, oil and a library: 10 Indiana requests to break environmental rules during the pandemic
8-6-20 Indiana flooded with dozens of requests to waive environmental regulations during pandemic
8-6-20 Coal, oil and a library: 10 Indiana requests to break environmental rules during the pandemic
8-6-20 Indiana flooded with dozens of requests to waive environmental regulations during pandemic
8-3-20 ‘Food is more important right now’: COVID-19 forces some to struggle paying energy bills
8-3-20 Having trouble paying your energy bill? These programs could help.
7-31-20 Those mystery seeds from China? Might be part of a Amazon review scam
7-30-20 Soybeans at risk? Why Indiana agriculture officials worry about mystery seeds from China
7-29-20 Local groups and state agency appeal Duke rate case, which will raise bills by $15 each month
7-29-20 Paddling the White River to engage with Indianapolis’ waterways
7-24-20 Right to farm: Indiana families ask U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in on case over factory farm
7-23-20 With shutoff moratorium ending, utilities must offer payment plans. Here’s how to sign up.
7-21-20 Fireworks put harmful particles in the air that can make it more difficult to breathe
7-20-20 These Indiana fossil fuel companies received PPP loans intended for small businesses
7-20-20 While Indiana coal and gas firms received millions in loans, clean energy was left behind
7-8-20 ‘A magical solution’: Solar developers planting flowers that could help save butterflies and bees
7-7-20 Environmental groups ask DNR to review its policies after alleged racist Lake Monroe assault
7-7-20 ‘We’re behind the curve’: Community gardens struggle to feed food insecure during pandemic
7-5-20 After trade wars and flooding, farmers hoped for a break in 2020. Then the pandemic came.
7-5-20 ‘Is this a blip?’: Some Indiana farmers see +300% spike in business during pandemic
7-1-20 Indiana distilleries step up to produce hand sanitizer during coronavirus pandemic
6-29-20 Utility commission extends moratorium on disconnections by six more weeks
6-29-20 State approves $146 million rate increase for Duke Energy, but 60% less than what it wanted
6-24-20 As the moratorium on utility shutoffs comes to a close, what’s next for consumers still uncertain
6-18-20 Hoosiers sheltering in place this spring took to creating ‘victory gardens’ for climate change
6-17-20 New Indianapolis nonprofit helps Hoosiers turn their homes carbon neutral
6-10-20 Commission investigating the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on utilities, ratepayers
6-8-20 IPL’s Petersburg plant is the worst water polluter in state, violates permit 120 times
5-28-20 As testing ramps up, Indianapolis incinerator proves safe place to dispose of pandemic waste
5-28-20 Recycling contamination up 40% in Marion County as Hoosiers make more waste at home
5-21-20 Lead, Legionella: Experts urge building owners to flush their water lines before reopening
5-18-20 Environmental groups struggle to maintain funding, momentum as COVID-19 pandemic continues
5-15-20 Monroe County sues over Hoosier National Forest project they say threatens their drinking water
5-12-20 You could see rate increases as Indiana utilities seek to defer costs caused by coronavirus
5-12-20 First biologist to study seahorses in the wild announced winner of the Indianapolis Prize
5-10-20 Judge rules in favor of Nora residents in controversial development of Haverstick Woods
5-9-20 After 50 years researching chimpanzees, this Indy Prize finalist sees humanity in their behavior
5-8-20 Walking untethered along the ocean floor: Indy Prize finalist feels a connection with marine life
5-7-20 Face-to-face with a jaguar: This Indy Prize finalist grew to love animals at an early age
5-6-20 The first biologist to study seahorses underwater is a finalist for the $250K Indy Prize
5-5-20 After almost 50 years of saving penguins, this woman is a finalist for the Indianapolis Prize
5-3-20 Indianapolis Prize finalist spent decades preserving habitats for tigers, elephants, apes
5-3-20 The White River: Life was once much different in what is today the posh Canal District
5-3-20 The White River: Boundaries of ‘redlining’ maps still etched in Indianapolis neighborhoods
5-3-20 The White River: Cleanup follows decades of civil rights abuses. Now who will benefit?
5-2-20 Some industrial sites in Indiana may be discharging toxic ‘forever chemicals,’ report says
4-28-20 EPA weakens mercury standards, which experts say could put pollution controls at risk
4-27-20 Cass County accounts for nearly half of new coronavirus cases in Indiana Monday
4-24-20 Meat plant closures amid coronavirus leave farmers stranded, could create pork shortages
4-22-20 Hoosier youths join climate strikers globally on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day
4-21-20 Here’s why you should think twice before planting a Bradford pear tree
4-21-20 These common landscaping plants are now illegal to sell in Indiana. Here’s why.
4-20-20 EPA enforcement is down while industry violations across the Midwest are up, new report says
4-17-20 Here are 50 ways to celebrate 50 years of Earth Day (from your home during the pandemic)
4-17-20 Carmel’s city fleet first to use technology that creates hydrogen energy ‘on demand’
4-14-20 Businesses, groups call on INDOT to stop planning highway project during coronavirus pandemic
4-13-20 Coronavirus forces Indiana dairy farmers to dump milk as supply chain comes to standstill
4-12-20 Air pollution down 38% in Indianapolis as Hoosiers stay home to stop spread of coronavirus
4-5-20 The one-two punch of coronavirus and climate change could be a disaster waiting to happen
4-3-20 New Indiana policy may lax pollution enforcement during pandemic, could put public at risk
4-2-20 ‘Heartwarming’: Indianapolis residents pick up litter, clean the city on their lunch breaks
3-31-20 Overnight, his business vanished: Farmers reliant on restaurants suffer during pandemic
3-25-20 From her parents’ garage to nationwide: Zionsville mom offers affordable lead testing
3-24-20 Disappearing beaches, crumbling roads: Lake Michigan cities face ‘heartbreaking’ erosion
3-19-20 ‘Forever chemicals’ were found in Indianapolis’ tap water. Here’s why that matters.
3-11-20 Indiana approves toxic polluting facility at least a dozen other states would have denied
3-10-20 Republicans push through Indiana’s coal bill, which now heads to governor’s desk
3-5-20 Indiana lawmakers have a few days to make a decision on these environmental bills
2-28-20 Jet fuel cleanup in Pleasant Run Creek could take weeks, officials say
2-27-20 Indiana coal bill stripped of language that could raise customer rates, heads to Senate floor
2-26-20 Tanker explosion leaves ducks covered in jet fuel. How you can help a vet clean them up.
2-25-20 A Purdue professor just met with Pope Francis to discuss hydrogen energy. Here’s how it went.
2-25-20 Jet fuel from I-465 tanker explosion has dripped into a creek. Here’s what’s being done.
2-18-20 Hoosier National Forest burn could hurt drinking water for 140,000 people, opponents say
2-18-20 From redirecting oil tankers to pushing legislation, these 6 Indy Prize finalists are fighting for animals
2-14-20 This group says we need fewer humans. It’s giving out condoms featuring endangered animals.
2-13-20 Indiana’s oldest-ever state employee just retired at 102. And he’s got stories.
2-10-20 First woman to lead Indiana’s wildlife division: ‘It’s not just those who hunt and fish’
2-3-20 Controversial coal bill passes off the House floor, heads to Indiana Senate
2-3-20 The controversial 'coal bailout' bill could raise your rates. Here's what you should know.
1-30-20 Indiana has 45 miles of Lake Michigan shore. Lawmakers kick up sand about who owns it.
1-28-20 Kids fill Indiana Statehouse to ask lawmakers for climate action
1-16-20 Brightmark partnership will help RecycleForce to expand its mission to help formerly incarcerated
1-14-20 Indianapolis poised to study the local effects of climate change
1-14-20 What you need to know about the environmental impacts of Buttigieg's new $1 trillion infrastructure plan
1-10-20 After 15 years and $2B, DigIndy is almost done. It's probably not big enough. Here's why.
1-9-20 Eating at a Patachou restaurant? Your food might have been grown by Butler students.
1-1-20 Woman and her neighborhood fight to protect Pleasant Run
1-1-20 City wants to bend its own rules meant to protect waterways, residents fight back
1-1-20 Activists want Pleasant Run to stay wild
12-31-19 Winter air really is worse in south, west Phoenix. Here's why.
12-30-19 Competing interests leave Mexican gray wolf recovery efforts at a crossroads
12-27-19 After San Pedro report leaks, groups demand review of Fort Huachuca groundwater pumping
12-21-19 Plan for housing development in Verde Valley sparks heated debate
12-21-19 Video shows groundwater drilling near sensitive spring as border wall construction continues
12-14-19 Feds will review Colorado River rules, Interior boss says, with an eye on long-term risks
12-10-19 Water cutbacks set to begin under deal designed to ‘buy down risk’ on Colorado River
12-6-19 'There's not a maybe': Climate activists 'strike' Phoenix, other cities
12-6-19 It’s one of Arizona’s most precious rivers. Hundreds of new wells may leave it running dry
12-6-19 These 7 industrial farm operations are draining Arizona’s aquifers, and no one knows exactly how much they’re taking
12-6-19 In western Arizona, corporate farms turn water into profits, leaving small towns in the dust
12-6-19 In southeastern Arizona, farms drill a half-mile deep while families pay the price
12-5-19 Arizona has tried to safeguard groundwater beneath its big cities. But things are about to change
12-5-19 Megafarms and deeper wells are draining the water beneath rural Arizona – quietly, irreversibly
12-4-19 The Mount Graham red squirrel continues its slow recovery. Now it faces a new foe.
11-29-19 Arizona environmental regulators grant permit for aluminum plant in La Paz County
11-20-19 ‘They’re going to dry up’: Debate erupts over plan to move water from farmland to suburbs
11-17-19 ‘We need to act fast’: Statewide forum focuses on climate solutions for Arizona
11-15-19 Cummins’ most ambitious environmental plan yet targets net-zero emissions by 2050
11-8-19 Satellite built by students soars to space on mission to map heat in Phoenix, other cities
11-7-19 Tribes raise alarms about proposed ‘memorial forest’ near San Francisco Peaks
10-30-19 Rural counties should take charge of groundwater, former Gov. Bruce Babbitt warns
10-14-19 You could get paid to fish for an invasive species in the Grand Canyon. Here’s how
10-9-19 Forest Service to hold public hearing on Resolution Copper Mine project
9-27-19 Two new dams near the Grand Canyon? Conservation groups call the plan ‘unconscionable’
9-24-19 First group of bison make the move from the Grand Canyon to Oklahoma
9-23-19 Trump repeal of enviro rule will open way for massive AZ project, developer says
9-20-19 Hundreds march across Arizona demanding action on climate change
9-7-19 ‘We don’t want it here’: Residents urge Arizona regulators not to allow aluminum plant
9-6-19 Developer and town propose roads for hotels and hundreds of homes near Grand Canyon
8-15-19 First-ever mandatory water cutbacks will kick in next year along the Colorado River
8-14-19 Feds to delay parts of Arizona border wall construction until October
8-13-19 Toxic groundwater lies beneath Phoenix, and a cleanup has been delayed for years
8-8-19 Feds reissue permit for 28,000-home development near San Pedro River
8-6-19 Arizona environmental group seeks injunction to halt construction of Trump’s border wall
8-1-19 Giant Arizona copper mine on hold after judge blocks construction
7-31-19 Judge blocks Rosemont copper mine, overturning Forest Service decision
7-29-19 These high school runners train in ‘nasty air,’ so they’re working to clean it up
7-24-19 In the West and across the U.S., drilling of deeper wells is ‘unsustainable,’ researchers say
7-17-19 Bill to ban new uranium mining claims near the Grand Canyon passes House committee
7-14-19 He took down dams, freed wolves and preserved wildlands. Bruce Babbitt is still at work
7-13-19 ADEQ is treating soil along I-10 in Pinal County to reduce dust storm risk
7-11-19 Phoenix could feel more like Baghdad by 2050, a new climate study says
7-11-19 Late hours, no pay, diminishing returns: Scouring the Arizona desert for black-footed ferrets
6-29-19 Six black-footed ferret kits born at the Phoenix Zoo’s conservation center
6-26-19 Rabbits, bears and bobcats: How has the Woodbury Fire affected Arizona wildlife habitat?
6-23-19 Captive-born Mexican gray wolf pups released to ‘foster dens’ in Arizona and New Mexico
6-19-19 Federal agency stands by disputed decision on Arizona development near San Pedro River
6-18-19 This is how the state plans to keep drivers safe in dust storms on Arizona roads
6-7-19 Gov. Ducey signs bill to reinstate Heritage Fund, but without any funding
6-5-19 Endangered Mexican gray wolf population boosted by 6 pups at Phoenix Zoo
5-30-19 Bill reinstates voter-approved Heritage Fund, but there’s no money in it for parks
5-29-19 Viral tweets warned of development near Grand Canyon. But is the threat real?
5-22-19 Poll: Most Arizona voters acknowledge climate change and are ‘extremely concerned’
5-20-19 States sign short-term Colorado River drought plan, but global warming looms over long-term solutions
5-20-19 As states gather to sign Colorado River drought plan, focus turns to what’s next
5-17-19 ‘Global heating’; ‘climate crisis’: Why one publication is shifting its language on environmental issues
5-15-19 UN biodiversity report paints bleak future, but ASU researcher says there’s time to reconnect with the environment
5-7-19 Heat deaths in Phoenix reached a record high in 2018
5-5-19 In Arizona’s Santa Rita Mountains, plans for the giant Rosemont mine have unleashed a battle
5-3-19 High-level Trump appointee sought reversal on Arizona development near San Pedro River, ex-official says
4-24-19 ‘Jaguars can’t use Google maps’: Advocates blast U.S. plan for endangered species
4-24-19 Phoenix ranked 7th for most ozone pollution in the nation, receives ‘F’ on new report
4-16-19 President Trump signs bill endorsing Colorado River drought plan
4-13-19 Necropsy reveals brutal shovel beating of Mexican gray wolf
4-9-19 Endangered Mexican gray wolf population increases, but questions linger about recovery progress
4-8-19 Congress authorizes Colorado River drought plan with unanimous approval from Arizona lawmakers
4-4-19 Mexican and US officials discuss fixes for failing sewer systems along the border
3-29-19 Water planning, climate uncertainty are main themes at Phoenix event
3-28-19 Colorado River drought plan clears 2 early hurdles in Congress
3-27-19 Here’s what the Colorado River deal will do, and why some criticize Arizona’s approach
3-26-19 Environmental groups sue EPA, saying it failed to enforce air-quality standards
3-26-19 At Grand Canyon, threats remain both inside and out of the park despite protections
3-13-19 Sweeping public land package draws favor from Arizona Democrats and Republicans
3-1-19 As Arizona nears completion of Colorado River plan, deal remains unfinished in California
2-22-19 Program that gave millions to restoring parks could be coming back under new bill
2-22-19 Federal government suspends permit for large Arizona development near San Pedro River
2-19-19 Does Arizona really use less water now than it did in 1957?
2-19-19 Showdown over water bill averted, clearing way for Arizona to finish Colorado River deal
2-15-19 Dispute puts Arizona’s Colorado River drought deal ‘in serious jeopardy’
2-14-19 Facing cutbacks on the Colorado River, Arizona farmers look to groundwater to stay in business
2-13-19 Arizona trail camera captures ‘Lil’ Jefe,’ a rare ocelot whose species clings to survival in the U.S.
2-2-19 Lawsuit targets federal permit for development near San Pedro River
2-1-19 After Arizona passed the Colorado River drought plan, experts weigh in on what’s next
2-1-19 Colorado River plan in question as top federal water official tells Arizona and California: ‘Close isn’t done’
1-31-19 How will Arizona cope with Colorado River cutbacks? State’s plan would spread ‘the pain’
1-31-19 Arizona Legislature passes historic Colorado River drought plan hours before deadline
1-31-19 Arizona Legislature passes Colorado River drought plan
1-29-19 National parks employees return to work and prepare for another possible shutdown
1-27-19 These key players could decide the fate of the Colorado River drought deal
1-25-19 Saguaro National Park open (barely) during shutdown, and it’s draining visitor fee revenue
1-24-19 What is the Drought Contingency Plan and will it affect me?
1-22-19 As a shortage looms, groundwater takes on added importance in the Colorado River Delta
1-18-19 With Jan. 31 deadline looming, water legislation takes shape in Arizona
1-15-19 Arizona under pressure to pass Colorado River drought plan as deadline nears
1-10-19 Arizona faces unresolved issues as lawmakers prepare to take up Colorado River drought plan
1-7-19 A rancher and an ecologist hike the desert, hunting for water and common ground on the San Pedro River
1-6-19 After wildfire changes the landscape, Arizona bighorn sheep return to historical home
1-5-19 Thinking about installing solar panels? Experts answer 6 common questions
12-27-19 Hoosier College Republicans join national campaign to change GOP position on climate change
12-26-19 IDEM budget dropped almost 20% in the last decade as total state spending increased, report says
12-25-19 'Wish-cycling': How your holiday recycling could be doing more harm than good
12-24-19 Indiana is losing Christmas tree farms, and a changing climate poses problems for those that remain
12-19-19 113 tons of dead fish: Indiana's worst environmental disaster, 20 years later
12-17-19 Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard has an unusual plan to reduce the city's carbon footprint
12-15-19 Gov. Eric Holcomb: Public health in Indiana depends on great childhood start
12-12-19 Environmental groups sue the Indiana steel mill that killed thousands of fish in August cyanide spill
12-12-19 Small farms are dying. This plow-free plan could help save them.
12-11-19 First-of-its-kind program to provide free solar installations for low-income homes in 2020
12-2-19 Second source of toxic chemicals in Franklin known for years, but borders still unclear
12-2-19 Americans produce 25% more trash during the holidays. These tips might help.
11-30-19 Weatherproofing your home could save you $400 — and save the environment. Here’s how to do it.
11-29-19 Indianapolis building gets highest ‘green’ building certification possible
11-27-19 Hoosier pediatrician fights to ‘get plastic off the table’ with rainbow steel kids dinnerware
11-16-19 Conservatives are the ‘missing piece’ of climate change talk, former congressman says
11-15-19 Indianapolis’ recycling reputation is far from favorable — local organizations are trying to change that
11-13-19 How will climate change affect your hometown? This new tool helps you find out.
11-8-19 Why your Duke Energy bill keeps going up, up, up while rates remain the same
10-24-19 Sen. Braun says climate change conversation is ‘polarized,’ forms bipartisan climate caucus
10-9-19 EPA chief travels to Indy, gives state $436 million loan to bring cleaner water to Hoosiers
10-7-19 Indiana steel mill violated Clean Water Act more than 100 times, say groups looking to sue
9-24-19 The White River will never be clean until we tackle this filth hiding in plain sight
9-24-19 ‘You’re drinking the White River’: How safe is it?
9-23-19 The truth about the White River
9-23-19 How IndyStar looked at the safety of the White River
9-23-19 Your pet’s poo is polluting the White River: 5 things you can do to make the river cleaner
9-23-19 About the White River project
9-4-19 Buttigieg unveils $1.5 trillion plan to fight ‘climate catastrophe,’ create 3 million jobs
7-2-19 Duke Energy proposes a 19% rate increase for residential electricity customers
6-28-19 Inspector General: EPA misled Franklin residents about cancer risks in groundwater
6-28-19 Inspector General: EPA misled Franklin residents about cancer risks in groundwater
6-10-19 Indiana is behind nearly every other state in corn planting. Billions are on the line.
6-10-19 Indiana is behind nearly every other state in corn planting. Billions are on the line.
6-7-19 It’s vigilante activist vs. politically connected farmer in Fair Oaks cruelty controversy
6-5-19 Animal welfare group documents calf abuse at iconic Fair Oaks Farms, sparking investigation
6-5-19 City approves previously denied industrial facility in Riverside neighborhood
6-4-19 The city blocked this facility for health concerns. Now it’s getting a second chance.
6-4-19 The future of the White River is in your hands. Here’s what you need to know.
5-29-19 Dangerous oak-killing disease is much worse in Indiana than initially thought
5-29-19 Here’s what you need to know about sudden oak death and what to do if your tree has it
5-24-19 Are the balloons released before the Indy 500 really safe? We tested them.
5-23-19 Dangerous oak-killing disease found in Indiana Walmarts
5-23-19 New Indiana plant could have your trucks and tractors running on plastic bottles, bags and toys
5-23-19 Here are three balloon release controversies that you should know about
5-20-19 Indiana utilities are in midst of identity crisis as customers take power into own hands
5-17-19 How Indiana craft beer is helping save porpoises in Florida
5-15-19 NAACP to Governor: Make social justice and equity part of Indiana’s energy future
5-14-19 Stay dry as you explore wetlands: Beanblossom Bottoms to reopen with elevated boardwalk
5-14-19 ‘Utterly in the dark’: EPA fails to communicate risks of Franklin contamination to exposed families
4-26-19 Hendricks County homeowners wanted relief from the smell of 8,000 neighboring hogs; Indiana court weighs in
4-24-19 Bill legalizing hemp growth and sales in Indiana clears final hurdle, heads to governor
4-23-19 Embattled former EPA head Scott Pruitt is a lobbyist in Indiana. This is who he works for.
4-22-19 In southeast Indianapolis, the city’s industrial past haunts its children
4-18-19 Scott Pruitt left the EPA mired in scandal. Now he is lobbying Indiana lawmakers.
4-12-19 Out-of-state coal interests are funding a battle to keep Indiana coal plants from closing
4-11-19 A measure to put a ‘pause’ on new Indiana electricity projects is defeated — for now
4-5-19 Indiana utilities want to move away from coal. The legislature could slow them down. Here’s how.
3-26-19 A bill that advocates say amounts to a ‘blank check’ for utilities is closer to being law
3-22-19 Indianapolis Starbucks will be among the first to go strawless on most drinks
3-19-19 Company says it removed billboard for being an ‘attack ad’ and without consulting with IMS
3-18-19 Did Indianapolis Motor Speedway flex its muscle to get billboard taken down?
3-4-19 New technology reveals how dangerous vapors may be entering Franklin homes
3-1-19 Fate of imperiled oak tree at Eastwood Middle still hangs in the balance
2-19-19 Indiana finally has its first national park
2-18-19 Indiana Dunes: Everything you need to know about Indiana’s first national park
2-18-19 Indiana’s solar industry has slowed way down. This bill could fix it, but lawmakers won’t hear it.
2-18-19 Indiana’s solar industry has slowed, and lawmakers won’t hear bill to fix it
2-15-19 More than 200-year-old oak tree could be axed to make way for parking at Eastwood Middle
2-12-19 Bill would open ‘gaping wounds of pollution’ flowing into Indiana waterways, critics say
2-11-19 If you thought bobcat hunting had died, a new bill in legislature tried to revive it
2-1-19 Quarry climbing, kayaking, and yes, swimming: City unveils first look at White River plans
1-30-19 Yes, recycling in Indianapolis is worth it. Here are 4 reasons to lug it to the curb.
1-30-19 How Indianapolis became one of the most wasteful big cities in America
1-30-19 In 30 seconds: How Indianapolis has fallen behind in recycling
1-30-19 Here are 10 easy activities for families and kids to reduce, reuse and recycle
1-30-19 How Indiana is throwing away a huge economic opportunity by not recycling
1-22-19 Everything you need to know about contamination and childhood cancer in Franklin, Indiana
1-21-19 ‘Biggest thing to happen to agriculture in my lifetime’: Hemp could soon be grown in Indiana
1-14-19 Utilities admit to leaking toxic chemicals into groundwater, must now clean it up
1-10-19 At 100 years, Cummins looks back on key to success: building cleaner engines
1-7-19 ‘EPA failed Franklin’: Families, environmental group demand investigation into contamination
1-2-19 Kids shooting bows and arrows in schools could help turn declining hunting numbers around
12-27-18 Christmas air pollution exceeded national standard for second year in a row
12-21-18 For people with asthma and breathing problems, winter air pollution can feel deadly
12-18-18 Forest Service moves to revoke permit for hitting wolf
12-17-18 Forest Service moves to revoke rancher’s grazing permit for trapping, hitting endangered wolf
12-14-18 A larger issue looms over short-term Colorado River plan: climate change
12-13-18 ‘Running out of time’: Federal water official sets deadline for Colorado River deal
12-13-18 All eyes are on Arizona as Colorado River meetings open with focus on finishing drought deal
12-13-18 All eyes are on Arizona as Colorado River meetings open with focus on finishing drought deal
12-12-18 Wildfires increase with shrinking snowpack, changes in snowmelt timing
12-6-18 Colorado River drought plan ‘gaining momentum’ as CAP board signals support
11-29-18 ‘Getting close’: Outline of Colorado River drought agreement takes shape in Arizona
11-26-18 Are uranium mines near the Grand Canyon hazardous to wildlife?
11-21-18 Cattle or chainsaws: Is livestock grazing effective for thinning Arizona’s fire-threatened forests?
11-19-18 Grand Canyon flood fattened fish, but it’s not all good news on the Colorado River
11-19-18 Grand Canyon flood fattened fish, but it’s not all good news on the Colorado River
11-11-18 These squirrels have staved off extinction, but they’re still not out of the woods
11-9-18 This digital tool could help the U.S. save more endangered species
11-8-18 Public art challenge looks at how Huhugam people brought water to the Valley of the Sun
11-8-18 Two horses shot dead in national forest, but the reasons why are a mystery
10-25-18 Arizona cancels water meeting amid difficult negotiations on Colorado River deal
10-23-18 Unnatural wonder: A journey into the heart of a river forever changed by human hands
10-9-18 Western states release proposed agreements for drought-stricken Colorado River
10-8-18 Where Arizona candidates stand on climate change, water issues and heat-related deaths
10-8-18 As Arizona feels the effects of climate change, many candidates still aren’t talking about the issue
9-23-18 As California condors struggle in the wild, more are released in northern Arizona
9-18-18 Shade can ease heat, but one neighborhood finds trees are just part of the solution
9-11-18 New research finds Mexican gray wolves aren’t part dog after all
8-28-18 At water-starved Lake Mead and Lake Powell, ‘the crisis is already real,’ scientists say
8-26-18 Central New Mexico Project? How a 50-year-old rule could let New Mexico use Arizona water
8-17-18 Audubon unveils bird-themed beer to raise awareness for Colorado River supply
8-16-18 Arizona may have to cut back on water use in 2020, outlook says
8-9-18 Arizona court clears way for new development to tap groundwater near San Pedro River
8-8-18 Mojave Desert birds have suffered major collapse over the past century, scientists say
8-1-18 After village burns, neighbors try to save key parts of forest to reduce risk
8-1-18 In Flagstaff, restoring forests to prevent fire and disaster
8-1-18 Arizona’s forests are being ravaged by climate change. How much can we save?
7-30-18 Lightning strikes, flames spark and a wildfire becomes an ally in restoring forest health
7-27-18 ‘Everybody’s problem’: Invasive apple snails threaten Salt River ecosystem
7-26-18 Arizona may take on new authority to protect streams and rivers. Conservationists fear looser regulation.
7-25-18 If Starbucks and McDonald’s nix plastic straws, just carry a reusable one
7-22-18 Grand Canyon has cleaner air than other national parks, study says
7-19-18 These wolves need saving. They’re also predators. Cattle ranchers ask: How many is too many?
7-18-18 El Niño predictions show we might be on track for a wet, snowy winter
7-13-18 Volunteers care for Navajo wild horses during drought, despite overpopulation concerns
7-12-18 As the Arizona drought persists, Phoenix’s water use continues to drop
6-29-18 Officials: Drought-contingency plan will be ready for Arizona Legislature’s next session
6-27-18 Drought raises demand for water deliveries to wildlife, but it’s a short-term fix
6-19-18 Arizona outdoor sports groups use billboards to oppose uranium mining in Grand Canyon
6-8-18 ‘It’s all free:’ Researchers look to harvest water from thin air with real-life sci-fi technology
5-24-18 Tap once for warbler: Phone app lets you count Arizona birds for nature research
5-17-18 At the Grand Canyon, squirrel selfies can be dangerous to your health
5-13-18 Can Mexican gray wolves survive in Mexico? Ranchers, advocates square off in familiar debate
5-9-18 After disease outbreak, Apache trout are returning to waterways in the White Mountains
5-4-18 Arizona water agencies pledge to work together on Colorado River drought plan
5-2-18 Utility’s tree-planting program in Phoenix brings shade to a city in need of it
4-19-18 CAP to meet with upper Colorado River officials in response to water ‘manipulation’ charge
4-11-18 American Rivers puts lower Colorado River atop its annual list of troubled waters
4-4-18 After dry winter, Colorado River forecasters look for 6th-driest runoff year
4-1-18 For Arizona’s once-dwindling bald eagle population, recovery starts in the nest
3-30-18 LA installs off-white streets to beat heat — could Phoenix be next?
3-29-18 In Big Bend, a border wall could divert bears, bighorn sheep from a comeback trail
3-27-18 Back from the brink, the Sonoran pronghorn now roam an increasingly political landscape
3-23-18 ‘We have plans for our water’: Yuma farmers, officials voice opposition to water bills
3-21-18 Climate change could drive bald eagles to extinction in Grand Canyon, study says
3-19-18 Farmers, Coca-Cola and conservationists: Unlikely partners fight drought along Verde River
3-6-18 Phoenix tests ‘HeatReady’ program to prepare for extreme heat
3-2-18 Arizona water managers disagree on how to prevent a shortage on the Colorado River
3-1-18 Drinking to a river’s health: Arizona brewers and farmers fight drought with beer
2-27-18 Trump’s border wall: Judge rejects environmental challenges
2-26-18 Can Mexican gray wolves coexist with people, cattle? Ranchers, conservationists test the idea
2-22-18 Endangered Mexican gray wolf population remained flat in new count
2-14-18 Arizona Republic editor Nicole Carroll named USA TODAY editor in chief
2-10-18 Battle over public lands shifts to D.C. as Flake, Gosar push for sale in La Paz County
2-9-18 Judge hears arguments over waivers of environmental laws in construction of Trump’s border wall
2-8-18 Environmentalists head to court in effort to block border-wall construction
1-31-18 Arizona elk headed to W. Virginia as East looks to undo native species’ regional extinction
1-24-18 Lawmakers want Arizona to consider taking control of public lands from feds
1-23-18 Deadly metro Phoenix heat demands action, Maricopa County official says
1-11-18 The fish that clean Phoenix’s canals are gorging themselves and getting even bigger
1-8-18 100 wolves enough? Jeff Flake wants to remove federal protections for Mexican gray wolves
1-3-18 Could climate change kill chocolate? There’s an even bigger story for Arizona’s food supply
12-28-18 A howling good time: Wolves celebrate Christmas with a bacon-draped tree at Wolf Park
12-24-18 ‘Now it’s on us to fix’: Fearing for their future, Hoosier kids are taking control
12-22-18 ‘Hunters and Hoosiers should be scared’: Deadly deer disease threatens Indiana’s borders
12-15-18 A decade of fish poop, algae and dirt is being scraped out of the Indiana Central Canal
12-14-18 Mysterious tubes and a mannequin head: Quirky craft store opens near Fountain Square
12-7-18 Indiana group is suing USDA over the way it gives money to farms with thousands of animals
12-4-18 Proposed Indiana coal plant would put millions of tons of dangerous chemicals in air
11-27-18 ‘Substantial loss of life’: What the climate change report says about Indiana
11-27-18 Duck poop? Yes. Eggshells? Of course. On this Carmel homestead, nothing goes to waste
11-27-18 Water is a human right’: Indy native’s nonprofit helps bring clean water to the world
11-27-18 Climate change will take a bite out of our economy. Here’s what Indianapolis wants to do about it.
11-20-18 Here’s how to avoid throwing Thanksgiving leftovers in the trash
11-16-18 5 ways to save money and shop for a waste-free Thanksgiving
11-15-18 An Indiana company is about to up its paper straw production by 700 percent
11-9-18 Erin Brockovich in Indianapolis: ‘I hope we wake up to the things we’re doing’
11-5-18 ‘Clearly they haven’t cleaned up the source’: New test results confirm Franklin contamination
11-2-18 This Indiana utility may have just put the final nail in coal’s coffin
10-31-18 Indiana senate candidates got another chance at this question. Some say they failed again.
10-29-18 Indianapolis will get its share of $70 million prize to tackle sustainability goals
10-29-18 Declawing lions, tigers now illegal after Indiana lawsuit against vet who declawed 12 big cats
10-28-18 New lawsuit says EPA is putting health, environment at risk when it comes to toxic coal ash
10-27-18 As Trump prepares to speak to farmers, their future seems uncertain
10-22-18 People really want to get in the White River, city planners have learned
10-20-18 ‘A vote for science is a vote for creation’: New Indiana religious billboard not what you expect
10-19-18 Meet the company sucking cancer-causing chemicals out of the ground throughout the Midwest
10-17-18 This is how you can prevent an explosion if you smell natural gas.
10-17-18 ‘They lost what they call home’: Danger of natural gas explosions lurks just beneath surface
10-9-18 Hole in dam near 16th Street drops water levels nearly 6 feet
9-29-18 Winner of world’s top conservation prize has discovered new species. And grew a bug in his foot.
9-27-18 ‘I was sure I was going to die’: Son fights for grizzly bears after one nearly killed his dad
9-20-18 Northern Indiana utility ditching coal in favor of renewable energy in next 10 years
9-17-18 As Indiana towns grapple with climate change a new tool could save them money
9-10-18 Residents warned not to use open flame near site of jet fuel spill in Indiana River
8-30-18 Lead, other hazardous contamination at southwest Indianapolis site the target of EPA cleanup
8-27-18 Purdue professor sets world record for fastest arrangement of the periodic table of elements
8-27-18 Trump EPA’s new energy plan tries to save coal industry, but puts public health at risk
8-24-18 Common Indiana songbird under threat from climate change
8-24-18 How an encounter with Indianapolis trash led this woman to launch her small business
8-20-18 State is investigating manure spill near Beaver Creek that killed thousands of fish in July
8-20-18 New model developed by IU researchers helps predict landslide risks in Indiana, worldwide
8-20-18 Purdue researchers take on mosquito diseases like Zika and West Nile with new device
8-12-18 EPA documents: Contamination in Johnson County known for decades but still being cleaned up
8-6-18 Wisconsin company acquires Indiana-made Aardvark paper straws to meet skyrocketing demand
8-5-18 Invasive plants are harming Hoosier gardens and farms. A grassroots effort wants to help.
8-3-18 Indiana-based Cummins recalls 500,000 trucks over faulty system releasing excess pollution
8-3-18 A hidden oasis in the heart of Keystone could be a new gateway to the White River
8-2-18 Franklin Schools testing reveals trace levels of toxins, schools are safe but more testing ahead
8-1-18 Your produce is less healthy than it was 70 years ago. These farmers might change that
7-31-18 It’s going to get a lot harder to farm in Indiana, according to this Purdue report
7-29-18 We know single-use plastics are bad. Why can’t we stop using them?
7-27-18 Superintendent: Franklin elementary schools won’t open if chemical test results ‘unfavorable’
7-23-18 These Indianapolis bars and restaurants are joining the anti-plastic-straw movement
7-22-18 Not just Starbucks and McDonald’s: Indianapolis restaurants are ditching plastic straws
7-20-18 Franklin schools hires environmental firm to ensure safety for elementary students
7-19-18 ‘Disastrous consequences’: EPA changes to toxic coal ash rules could hurt Hoosiers
7-18-18 Pulliam Trust awards more than $2 million in grants to Indy Area charities
7-17-18 Here’s why this Carmel teacher’s family got strange looks on their cross-country road trip
7-17-18 ‘We’ve had kids die’: Test results show dangerous contamination levels in Johnson County town
7-16-18 These tiny plastics make their way up the food chain and into your diet
7-16-18 This species of spider is the size of a crayon tip and was just discovered in Indiana
7-15-18 Plogging? You know, when you jog and pick up litter at the same time
7-15-18 The dust in your home could be contaminated with lead. This researcher wants to help you.
7-10-18 We ‘turned our back’ on the White River. Now, Indianapolis wants to make it a destination.
7-10-18 Indiana Jones honored by Indianapolis Zoo: Harrison Ford wins award for wildlife conservation
7-9-18 In Hendricks County, Ronald Reagan Parkway extension pits science against growth
7-5-18 Expect to see more sinkholes in Indianapolis’ future, geology expert says
6-24-18 Indiana-made Aardvark paper straws see ‘unprecedented growth’ as restaurants ditch plastic
6-19-18 Carmel teacher’s family road trip across the U.S. takes a ‘trashy’ turn
6-12-18 The 2018 Indianapolis Prize winner has discovered 18 species, meet Russ Mittermeier
6-9-18 From pigeons to seabirds and sharks, Carl Safina shares the stories of our natural world
6-8-18 Russ Mittermeier discovers 18 new species and travels to more than 170 countries
6-7-18 P. Dee Boersma travels to tip of Argentina to protect world’s largest Magellanic penguin colony
6-6-18 Nora residents sue the city over controversial zoning decision
6-6-18 Saving the snow leopards: Rodney Jackson treks the Himalayas in search of the spotted cat
6-4-18 A lack of trees might hurt Indianapolis’ growth. Here’s why.
6-1-18 Those chocolate bars with endangered species on the wrapper are made in Indianapolis
6-1-18 A woman says she found Indy 500 balloons. In Ohio.
5-30-18 IPL customers fearing a $10 to $20 rate increase may be in luck, state agency says: ‘Deny it’
5-24-18 As 300,000 spectators descend on Indianapolis for Indy 500, city warns about being outside
5-22-18 Mile-a-minute vine: What you need to know about the plant that can grow 6 inches a day
5-22-18 New Macaque monkeys at Indianapolis Zoo known for swimming, diving and photo-bombing
5-21-18 The Indy 500 is actually super trashy
5-18-18 Watch out, gearheads, solar power could be coming to the Speedway at Indianapolis 500
5-17-18 IDEM wants to change the way you see air permit proposals, and the public is not happy
5-15-18 Rose Acre Farms eggs gave a Florida woman salmonella, lawsuit alleges
5-15-18 DNR Director: ‘We heard you,’ says no to bobcat hunting and killing nuisance wildlife
5-10-18 Bobcats, raccoons and coyotes might be saved, now it’s up to the Natural Resources Commission
5-7-18 8 City-County councillors to state: Don’t approve IPL’s rate increase
5-7-18 This farm said it had a USDA inspector onsite daily. But people still got sick.
5-4-18 IPL wants to raise rates, but the city won’t be able to weigh in or stop them — here’s why
4-20-18 Here are the do’s, don’ts and definition for citizen science — just in time for Earth Day
4-20-18 People of faith to IPL: This rate hike is immoral
4-19-18 Indiana has a polluted reputation. Here’s how bad it is.
4-19-18 If you love Indiana and the environment, read this
4-18-18 IPL customers could see bills go up by $10 to $20 per month; hearings for public comment next week
4-18-18 Gen Con 2018 to slay waste with new sustainability efforts at gaming event
4-10-18 These fruits, vegetables grown in Indiana are on ‘Dirty Dozen’ list of produce with most pesticides
4-10-18 Driftwood Hills residents feel shut out of negotiations for controversial development
4-6-18 This is why Hoosiers may soon have to worry about diseases such as malaria and Zika
4-3-18 This is why bacteria could be the answer to your pothole prayers
3-28-18 Marathon Pipeline agrees to $335,000 in EPA settlement for 2016 Wabash River diesel spill
3-28-18 New reports: Contaminants from coal ash at levels 40 times above safe drinking water standards
3-26-18 Indiana lawmaker’s proposed tax credit could save coal industry billions
3-23-18 Hoosiers to DNR: ‘Stop the murder’ of bobcats, raccoons, coyotes and opossums
3-21-18 More than 40,000 gallons of diesel spill in southwest Indiana, cleanup underway
3-18-18 Could this ‘clean coal’ plant proposal be answer to Indiana’s 17 billion tons of reserves?
3-18-18 Betting on ‘clean coal’: Why some see it as a crucial part of our energy future — and some don’t
3-12-18 Indianapolis Nora residents get second chance after opposing Keystone Crossing project
3-5-18 Indiana DNR proposes to allow hunting and trapping of bobcats
3-2-18 Effort to allow Hoosier farmers to grow industrial hemp stalls after governor intervenes
3-1-18 DNR proposes new rule requiring animal control workers to kill critters
2-27-18 More than 55 million gallons of sewage kept out of White River by DigIndy tunnel
2-25-18 Indianapolis Nora residents opposed a developer and won. Now, they’ve changed their minds.
2-25-18 ‘Tragic consequences’: new bill could rob asbestos disease victims of rights to seek justice
2-19-18 Noxious weed seeds? Green jobs galore? Some environmental bills are still alive at the Indiana statehouse
2-12-18 Indiana’s forests are in danger, and the threat: You
2-11-18 Can cutting trees be good for Indiana forests? Or is it just about timber profits?
2-9-18 Indiana judge criticized by Trump to preside over border wall case with wildlife focus
2-7-18 Indiana added 93 percent fewer solar jobs in 2017
2-7-18 This is who decides your utility bill, and why you haven’t heard of them
2-6-18 Monkeys and musk ox — Indy Zoo names six finalists for leading animal conservation award
2-5-18 IPL to cut roughly 100 jobs in Indiana in coming months
1-18-18 HOAs rain on homeowners’ solar parade, residents’ property rights
1-17-18 Are Christians becoming more environmentally conscious? A new study says no.
1-11-18 Eight masked protesters issued warnings at Yellowwood Forest
1-9-18 Recent cold snap shatters Polar Vortex records for natural gas demand — could send bills surging
1-5-18 Why Indiana’s extreme cold could lead to more power outages — and higher bills
1-3-18 This is how science links cold weather and global warming
1-3-18 This is why someone would install a $70K solar system in Carmel
1-1-18 How to make ‘going green’ a 2018 resolution — and actually do it
1-1-18 Trump solar tariffs could further destabilize Indiana solar industry

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