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The Arizona Republic

02.27.19 Mountain snow still not enough to end Colorado River drought

02.25.19 Snow from winter storms and rainfall bring a big boost to Phoenix water supply

02.23.19 Grijalva unveils new attempt to ban uranium mining permanently near the Grand Canyon

02.23.19 Gila River Indian Community moves ahead with Colorado River drought plan after clash with lawmaker

02.22.19 Program that gave millions to restoring parks could be coming back under new bill

02.19.19 Showdown over water bill averted, clearing way for Arizona to finish Colorado River deal

02.15.19 Dispute puts Arizona’s Colorado River drought deal ‘in serious jeopardy’

02.14.19 Facing cutbacks on the Colorado River, Arizona farmers look to groundwater to stay in business

02.13.19 Arizona trail camera captures ‘Lil’ Jefe,’ a rare ocelot whose species clings to survival in the U.S.

02.19.19 Does Arizona really use less water now than it did in 1957?

02.02.19 Lawsuit targets federal permit for development near San Pedro River

02.01.19 After Arizona passed the Colorado River drought plan, experts weigh in on what’s next

02.01.19 Colorado River plan in question as top federal water official tells Arizona and California: ‘Close isn’t done’

01.31.19 How will Arizona cope with Colorado River cutbacks? State’s plan would spread ‘the pain’

01.31.19 Arizona Legislature passes historic Colorado River drought plan hours before deadline

01.31.19 Arizona Legislature passes Colorado River drought plan

01.29.19 National parks employees return to work and prepare for another possible shutdown

01.27.19 These key players could decide the fate of the Colorado River drought deal

01.25.19 Saguaro National Park open (barely) during shutdown, and it’s draining visitor fee revenue

01.24.19 What is the Drought Contingency Plan and will it affect me?

01.22.19 As a shortage looms, groundwater takes on added importance in the Colorado River Delta

01.18.19 With Jan. 31 deadline looming, water legislation takes shape in Arizona

01.15.19 Arizona under pressure to pass Colorado River drought plan as deadline nears

01.10.19 Arizona faces unresolved issues as lawmakers prepare to take up Colorado River drought plan

01.07.19 A rancher and an ecologist hike the desert, hunting for water and common ground on the San Pedro River

01.06.19 After wildfire changes the landscape, Arizona bighorn sheep return to historical home

01.05.19 Thinking about installing solar panels? Experts answer 6 common questions

12.27.18 Christmas air pollution exceeded national standard for second year in a row

12.21.18 For people with asthma and breathing problems, winter air pollution can feel deadly

12.18.18 Forest Service moves to revoke permit for hitting wolf

12.17.18 Forest Service moves to revoke rancher’s grazing permit for trapping, hitting endangered wolf

12.14.18 A larger issue looms over short-term Colorado River plan: climate change

12.13.18 All eyes are on Arizona as Colorado River meetings open with focus on finishing drought deal

12.13.18 ‘Running out of time’: Federal water official sets deadline for Colorado River deal

12.12.18 Wildfires increase with shrinking snowpack, changes in snowmelt timing

12.06.18 Colorado River drought plan ‘gaining momentum’ as CAP board signals support

11.29.18 ‘Getting close’: Outline of Colorado River drought agreement takes shape in Arizona

11.26.18 Are uranium mines near the Grand Canyon hazardous to wildlife?

11.21.18 Cattle or chainsaws: Is livestock grazing effective for thinning Arizona’s fire-threatened forests?

11.19.18 Grand Canyon flood fattened fish, but it’s not all good news on the Colorado River

11.11.18 These squirrels have staved off extinction, but they’re still not out of the woods

11.9.18 This digital tool could help the U.S. save more endangered species

11.8.18 Two horses shot dead in national forest, but the reasons why are a mystery

11.8.18 Public art challenge looks at how Huhugam people brought water to the Valley of the Sun

11.05.18 Controlled flood of the Grand Canyon begins a four-day exercise on the Colorado River

10.25.18 Arizona cancels water meeting amid difficult negotiations on Colorado River deal

10.22.18 Unnatural wonder: A journey into the heart of a river forever changed by human hands

10.09.18 Western states release proposed agreements for drought-stricken Colorado River

10.08.18 Where Arizona candidates stand on climate change, water issues and heat-related deaths

10.08.18 As Arizona feels the effects of climate change, many candidates still aren’t talking about the issue

09.29.18 With water shortage looming, Arizona officials look to reach Colorado River drought deal

09.23.18 As California condors struggle in the wild, more are released in northern Arizona

09.18.18 Shade can ease heat, but one neighborhood finds trees are just part of the solution

09.11.18 New research finds Mexican gray wolves aren’t part dog after all

09.10.18 Heat killed a record number of people in Phoenix last year as days, nights grow warmer

08.28.18 At water-starved Lake Mead and Lake Powell, ‘the crisis is already real,’ scientists say

08.26.18 Central New Mexico Project? How a 50-year-old rule could let New Mexico use Arizona water

08.17.18 Audubon unveils bird-themed beer to raise awareness for Colorado River supply

08.15.18 Arizona may have to cut back on water use in 2020, outlook says

08.09.18 Arizona court clears way for new development to tap groundwater near San Pedro River

08.03.18 Mojave Desert birds have suffered major collapse over the past century, scientists say

08.01.18 Arizona’s forests are being ravaged by climate change. How much can we save?

08.01.18 In Flagstaff, restoring forests to prevent fire and disaster

08.01.18 After village burns, neighbors try to save key parts of forest to reduce risk

07.30.18 Lightning strikes, flames spark and a wildfire becomes an ally in restoring forest health

07.27.18 ‘Everybody’s problem’: Invasive apple snails threaten Salt River ecosystem

07.26.18 Arizona may take on new authority to protect streams and rivers. Conservationists fear looser regulation.

07.25.18 If Starbucks and McDonald’s nix plastic straws, just carry a reusable one

07.22.18 Grand Canyon has cleaner air than other national parks, study says

07.19.18 These wolves need saving. They’re also predators. Cattle ranchers ask: How many is too many?

07.18.18 El Niño predictions show we might be on track for a wet, snowy winter

07.13.18 Volunteers care for Navajo wild horses during drought, despite overpopulation concerns

07.12.18 As the Arizona drought persists, Phoenix’s water use continues to drop

06.29.18 Officials: Drought-contingency plan will be ready for Arizona Legislature’s next session

06.27.18 Drought raises demand for water deliveries to wildlife but it’s a short-term fix

06.19.18 Arizona outdoor sports groups use billboards to oppose uranium mining in Grand Canyon

06.08.18 ‘It’s all free:’ Researchers look to harvest water from thin air with real-life sci-fi technology

05.24.18 Tap once for warbler: Phone app lets you count Arizona birds for nature research

05.17.18 At the Grand Canyon, squirrel selfies can be dangerous to your health

05.13.18 Can Mexican gray wolves survive in Mexico? Ranchers, advocates square off in familiar debate

05.09.18 After disease outbreak, Apache trout are returning to waterways in White Mountains

05.04.18 Arizona water agencies pledge to work together on Colorado River drought plan

05.02.18 Utility’s tree-planting program in Phoenix brings shade to a city in need of it

04.19.18 CAP to meet with upper Colorado River officials in response to water ‘manipulation’ charge

04.11.18 American Rivers puts lower Colorado River atop its annual list of troubled waters

04.04.18 After dry winter, Colorado River forecasters look for 6th driest runoff year

04.01.18 For Arizona’s once-dwindling bald eagle population, recovery starts in the nest

03.30.18 LA installs off-white streets to beat heat – could Phoenix be next?

03.29.18 In Big Bend, a border wall could divert bears, bighorn sheep from a comeback trail

03.27.18 Back from the brink, the Sonoran pronghorn now roam an increasingly political landscape

03.23.18 ‘We have plans for our water’: Yuma farmers, officials voice opposition to water bills

03.21.18 Climate change could drive bald eagles to extinction in Grand Canyon, study says

03.19.18 Farmers, Coca-Cola and conservationists: Unlikely partners fight drought along Verde River

03.06.18 Phoenix tests ‘HeatReady’ program to prepare for extreme heat

03.02.18 Arizona water managers disagree on how to prevent a shortage on the Colorado River

03.01.18 Drinking to a river’s health: Arizona brewers and farmers fight drought with beer

02.27.18 Trump’s border wall: Judge rejects environmental challenges

02.26.18 Can Mexican gray wolves coexist with people, cattle? Ranchers, conservationists test the idea

02.22.18 Endangered Mexican gray wolf population remained flat in new count

02.14.18 Arizona Republic editor Nicole Carroll named USA TODAY editor in chief

02.10.18 Battle over public lands shifts to D.C. as Flake, Gosar push for sale in La Paz County

02.09.18 Judge hears arguments over waivers of environmental laws in construction of Trump’s border wall

02.08.18 Environmentalists head to court in effort to block border-wall construction

01.31.18 Arizona elk headed to W. Virginia as East looks to undo native species’ regional extinction

01.24.18 Lawmakers want Arizona to consider taking control of public lands from feds

01.23.18 Deadly metro Phoenix heat demands action, Maricopa County officials says

01.11.18 The fish that clean Phoenix’s canals are gorging themselves and getting even bigger

01.08.18 100 wolves enough? Jeff Flake wants to remove federal protections for Mexican gray wolves

01.03.18 Could climate change kill chocolate? There’s an even bigger story for Arizona’s food supply

12.31.17 Scientists thought this snake vanished 100 years ago. Then they found one

12.12.17 Court upholds Obama-era ban on uranium mining near Grand Canyon

12.11.17 National Geographic photographer opens up about not helping dying polar bear

12.10.17 Conservationists boost logging to restore national forests near Grand Canyon

12.08.17 National Geographic photographer shares emotional video of dying polar bear

10.14.17 Forest Service, conservation group adopt new plan to thin forests, reduce fire risks

09.14.17 Jaguar caught on video could be first female in Arizona in 50 years

08.02.17 Trump waives environmental laws to speed border wall construction

06.29.17 Arizona will suffer more than most of U.S. as climate changes, study says

06.29.17 Evacuated mountain village no stranger to fire risks

06.24.17 Arizona’s heat is getting worse – and it’s killing people

06.19.17 Tamarisk leaf beetle chews through exotic trees into imperiled bird territory

06.01.17 Environmental group targets border wall project, says prototypes will imperil desert species

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The Indianapolis Star

02.26.19 Bill to grow hemp in Indiana passes Senate with Gov. Holcomb’s support

02.01.19 Quarry climbing, kayaking, and yes, swimming: City unveils first look at White River plans

01.30.19 How Indiana is throwing away a huge economic opportunity by not recycling

01.30.19 Yes, recycling in Indianapolis is worth it. Here are 4 reasons to lug it to the curb.

01.30.19 How Indianapolis became one of the most wasteful big cities in America

01.30.19 Here are 10 easy activities for families and kids to reduce, reuse and recycle

01.30.19 In 30 seconds: How Indianapolis has fallen behind in recycling

01.22.19 Everything you need to know about contamination and childhood cancer in Franklin, Indiana

01.21.19 ‘Biggest thing to happen to agriculture in my lifetime’: Hemp could soon be grown in Indiana

01.14.19 Utilities admit to leaking toxic chemicals into groundwater, must now clean it up

01.10.19 At 100 years, Cummins looks back on key to success: building cleaner engines

01.07.19 ‘EPA failed Franklin’: Families, environmental group demand investigation into contamination

01.02.19 Kids shooting bows and arrows in schools could help turn declining hunting numbers around

12.28.18 A howling good time: Wolves celebrate Christmas with a bacon-draped tree at Wolf Park

12.24.18 ‘Now it’s on us to fix’: Fearing for their future, Hoosier kids are taking control

12.22.18 ‘Hunters and Hoosiers should be scared’: Deadly deer disease threatens Indiana’s borders

12.15.18 A decade of fish poop, algae and dirt is being scraped out of the Indiana Central Canal

12.14.18 Mysterious tubes and a mannequin head: Quirky craft store opens near Fountain Square

12.7.18 Indiana group is suing USDA over the way it gives money to farms with thousands of animals

12.4.18 Proposed Indiana coal plant would put millions of tons of dangerous chemicals in air

11.27.18 Duck poop? Yes. Eggshells? Of course. On this Carmel homestead, nothing goes to waste

11.27.18 ‘Substantial loss of life’: What the climate change report says about Indiana

11.27.18 ‘Water is a human right’: Indy native’s nonprofit helps bring clean water to the world

11.27.18 Climate change will take a bite out of our economy. Here’s what Indianapolis wants to do about it.

11.20.18 Here’s how to avoid throwing Thanksgiving leftovers in the trash

11.16.18 5 ways to save money and shop for a waste-free Thanksgiving

11.15.18 An Indiana company is about to up its paper straw production by 700 percent

11.09.18 Erin Brockovich in Indianapolis: ‘I hope we wake up to the things we’re doing’

11.5.18 ‘Clearly they haven’t cleaned up the source’: New test results confirm Franklin contamination

11.2.18 This Indiana utility may have just put the final nail in coal’s coffin

10.31.18 Indiana senate candidates got another chance at this question. Some say they failed again.

10.29.18 Indianapolis will get its share of $70 million prize to tackle sustainability goals

10.29.18 Declawing lions, tigers now illegal after Indiana lawsuit against vet who declawed 12 big cats

10.28.18 New lawsuit says EPA is putting health, environment at risk when it comes to toxic coal ash

10.27.18 As Trump prepares to speak to farmers, their future seems uncertain

10.22.18 People really want to get in the White River, city planners have learned

10.20.18 ‘A vote for science is a vote for creation’: New Indiana religious billboard not what you expect

10.19.18 Meet the company sucking cancer-causing chemicals out of the ground throughout the Midwest

10.17.18 This is how you can prevent an explosion if you smell natural gas.

10.17.18 They lost what they call home’: Danger of natural gas explosions lurks just beneath surface

10.9.18 Hole in dam near 16th Street drops water levels nearly 6 feet

09.29.18 Winner of world’s top conservation prize has discovered new species. And grew a bug in his foot.

09.27.18 ‘I was sure I was going to die’: Son fights for grizzly bears after one nearly killed his dad

09.21.18 Bird and Lime electric scooters think they can help Indianapolis’ dependence on cars

09.20.18 Northern Indiana utility ditching coal in favor of renewable energy in next 10 years

09.17.18 As Indiana towns grapple with climate change a new tool could save them money

09.10.18 Residents warned not to use open flame near site of jet fuel spill in Indiana River

08.30.18 Lead, other hazardous contamination at southwest Indianapolis site the target of EPA cleanup

08.27.18 Purdue professor sets world record for fastest arrangement of the periodic table of elements

08.27.18 Trump EPA’s new energy plan tries to save coal industry, but puts public health at risk

08.24.18 Common Indiana songbird under threat from climate change

08.24.18 How an encounter with Indianapolis trash led this woman to launch her small business

08.20.18 State is investigating manure spill near Beaver Creek that killed thousands of fish in July

08.20.18 New model developed by IU researchers helps predict landslide risks in Indiana, worldwide

08.20.18 Purdue researchers take on mosquito diseases like Zika and West Nile with new device

08.12.18 EPA documents: Contamination in Johnson County known for decades but still being cleaned up

08.06.18 Wisconsin company acquires Indiana-made Aardvark paper straws to meet skyrocketing demand

08.05.18 Invasive plants are harming Hoosier gardens and farms. A grassroots effort wants to help.

08.03.18 A hidden oasis in the heart of Keystone could be a new gateway to the White River

08.03.18 Indiana-based Cummings recalls 500,000 trucks over faulty system releasing excess pollution

08.02.18 Franklin Schools testing reveals trace levels of toxins, schools are safe but more testing ahead

08.01.18 Your produce is less healthy than it was 70 years ago. These farmers might change that

07.31.18 It’s going to get a lot harder to farm in Indiana, according to this Purdue report

07.29.18 We know single-use plastics are bad. Why can’t we stop using them? 

07.27.18 Superintendent: Franklin elementary schools won’t open if chemical test results ‘unfavorable’

07.23.18 These Indianapolis bars and restaurants are joining the anti-plastic-straw movement

07.22.18 Not just Starbucks and McDonald’s: Indianapolis restaurants are ditching plastic straws

07.21.18 Franklin schools hires environmental firm to ensure safety for elementary student

07.19.18 ‘Disastrous consequences’: EPA changes to toxic coal ash rules could hurt Hoosiers

07.18.18 Pulliam Trust awards more than $2 million in grants to Indy Area charities

07.18.18 ‘We’ve had kids die’: Test results show dangerous contamination levels in Johnson County town

07.17.18 Here’s why this Carmel teacher’s family got strange looks on their cross-country road trip

07.16.18 This species of spider is the size of a crayon tip and was just discovered in Indiana

07.16.18 These tiny plastics make their way up the food chain and into your diet

07.15.18 The dust in your home could be contaminated with lead. This researcher wants to help you.

07.15.18 Plogging? You know, when you jog and pick up litter at the same time

07.10.18 Indiana Jones honored by Indianapolis Zoo: Harrison Ford wins award for wildlife conservation

07.10.18 We ‘turned our back’ on the White River. Now, Indianapolis wants to make it a destination.

07.09.18 In Hendricks County, Ronald Reagan Parkway extension pits science against growth

06.24.18 Indiana-made Aardvark paper straws see ‘unprecedented growth’ as restaurants ditch plastic

06.19.18 Carmel teacher’s family road trip across the U.S. takes a ‘trashy’ turn

06.12.18 The 2018 Indianapolis Prize winner has discovered 18 species, meet Russ Mittermeier

06.09.18 From pigeons to seabirds and sharks, Carl Safina shares the stories of our natural world

06.08.18 Russ Mittermeier discovers 18 new species and travels to more than 170 countries

06.07.18 P. Dee Boersma travels to tip of Argentina to protect world’s largest Magellanic penguin colony

06.06.18 Nora residents sue the city over controversial zoning decision

06.06.18 Saving the snow leopards: Rodney Jackson treks the Himalayas in search of the spotted cat

06.04.18 A lack of trees might hurt Indianapolis’ growth. Here’s why.

06.01.18 A woman says she found Indy 500 balloons. In Ohio.

06.01.18 Those chocolate bars with endangered species on the wrapper are made in Indianapolis 

05.30.18 IPL customers fearing a $10 to $20 rate increase may be in luck, state agency says: ‘Deny it’

05.24.18 As 300,000 spectators descend on Indianapolis for Indy 500, city warns about being outside

05.22.18 Mile-a-minute vine: What you need to know about the plant that can grow 6 inches a day

05.22.18 New Macaque monkeys at Indianapolis Zoo known for swimming, diving and photo-bombing

05.21.18 The Indy 500 is actually super trashy

05.18.18 Watch out, gearheads, solar power could be coming to the Speedway at Indianapolis 500

05.17.18 IDEM wants to change the way you see air permit proposals, and the public is not happy

05.15.18 DNR Director: ‘We heard you,’ says no to bobcat hunting and killing nuisance wildlife

05.15.18 Rose Acre Farms eggs gave a Florida woman salmonella, lawsuit alleges

05.10.18 Bobcats, raccoons and coyotes might be saved, now it’s up to the Natural Resources Commission

05.07.18 This farm said it had a USDA inspector onsite daily. But people still got sick.

05.07.18 8 City-County councillors to state: Don’t approve IPL’s rate increase

04.20.18 Here are the do’s, don’ts and definition for citizen science – just in time for Earth Day

04.20.18 People of faith to IPL: This rate hike is immoral

04.20.18 If you love Indiana and the environment, read this

04.19.18 Indiana has a polluted reputation. Here’s how bad it is. 

04.18.18 IPL customers could see bills go up by $10 to $20 per month; hearings for public comment next week

04.18.18 Gen Con 2018 to slay waste with new sustainability efforts at gaming event

04.10.18 These fruits, vegetables grown in Indiana are on ‘Dirty Dozen’ list of produce with most pesticides

04.10.18 Driftwood Hills residents feel shut out of negotiations for controversial development

04.03.18 This is why bacteria could be the answer to your pothole prayers

04.06.18 This is why Hoosiers may soon have to worry about diseases such as malaria and Zika

03.28.18 Contaminants from coal ash at levels 40 times above safe drinking water standards

03.28.18 Marathon Pipeline agrees to $335,000 in EPA settlement for 2016 Wabash River diesel spill

03.26.18 Indiana lawmaker’s proposed tax credit could save coal industry billions

03.23.18 Hoosiers to DNR: ‘Stop the murder’ of bobcats, raccoons, coyotes and opossums

03.21.18 More than 40,000 gallons of diesel spill in southwest Indiana, cleanup underway

03.18.18 Could this ‘clean coal’ plant proposal be answer to Indiana’s 17 billion tons of reserves?

03.18.18 Betting on ‘clean coal’: Why some see it as a crucial part of our energy future – and some don’t

03.12.18 Indianapolis Nora residents get second chance after opposing Keystone Crossing project

03.05.18 Indiana DNR proposes to allow hunting and trapping of bobcats

03.01.18 DNR proposes new rule requiring animal control workers to kill critters

02.28.18 More than 55 million gallons of sewage kept out of White River by DigIndy tunnel

02.25.18 ‘Tragic consequences’: new bill could rob asbestos disease victims of rights to seek justice

02.25.18 Indianapolis Nora residents opposed a developer and won. Now, they’ve changed their minds. 

02.19.18 Noxious weed seeds? Green jobs galore? Some environmental bills are still alive at the Indiana statehouse

02.12.18 Indiana’s forests are in danger, and the threat: You

02.11.18 Can cutting trees be good for Indiana forests? Or is it just about timber profits?

02.09.18 Indiana judge criticized by Trump to preside over border wall case with wildlife focus

02.07.18 Indiana added 93 percent fewer solar jobs in 2017

02.06.18 Monkeys and musk ox – Indy Zoo names six finalists for leading animal conservation award

02.05.18 IPL to cut roughly 100 jobs in Indiana in coming months

01.11.18 Eight masked protesters issued warnings at Yellowwood Forest

01.09.18 Recent cold snap shatters Polar Vortex records for natural gas demand — could send bills surging

01.05.18 Why Indiana’s extreme cold could lead to more power outages —​​​​​​​ and higher bills

01.03.18 This is why someone would install a $70K solar system in Carmel

01.03.18 This is how science links cold weather and global warming

01.01.18 Trump tariff decision could further destabilize Indiana solar industry

01.01.18 How to make ‘going green’ a 2018 resolution — and actually do it

12.29.17 Schools, cities and churches could save money with solar — but Indiana law stands in the way

12.19.17 Logging underway in Yellowwood Backcountry

12.08.17 This $20 million project is important — unless you don’t care about eating

12.03.17 ‘We don’t own this earth’: The Biblical case for protecting the environment

10.16.17 ‘Lead in my bones’: Living a contaminated life in East Chicago

10.13.17 Does Indy’s land use plan protect the city’s vulnerable communities?

08.28.17 Plans to log Brown County backcountry area threatens century-old trees

07.23.17 Pulliam Trust grant supports IndyStar environmental reporting project