Nina Scholars

Changing lives through higher education

In 2001, the Trust established the Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars program to open doors of opportunity for men and women seeking college degrees. The individuals selected by the four participating universities and community colleges to be Nina Scholars all aspire to overcome financial, social and physical challenges.

The Nina Scholars program is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for individuals who would not normally receive traditional academic scholarships and whose personal commitments and financial circumstances would preclude their attendance without substantial, long-term scholarship support. The Trust is interested in providing scholarships to Arizona and Indiana residents who face barriers to obtaining higher education. Nina ScholarsThe partnering schools provide special outreach and support to each of the Nina Scholars, strengthening the opportunities for success.

There are three targeted populations:

  • Students with dependents in their family unit
  • College-age youth and adults with physical disabilities
  • Students who have experienced foster care or been disconnected from their parents or primary caregiver and are responsible for their own financial support.

Nina Scholars applicants must:

  • Qualify within one of the three targeted populations listed
  • Meet residency requirement
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Meet individual school admissions requirements

The Nina Scholars Program provides financial support toward the cost of attendance for up to six years at the participating universities and for up to four years at the participating community colleges, plus:

  • Program staff at each school provide coordinated services
  • Peer support
  • Tutorial and/or mentoring assistance

Select the school you’re interested in attending to learn how to apply to be a Nina Scholar:

Arizona participating schools:
Arizona State University
Maricopa Community Colleges

Indiana participating schools:
Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis Campus