Application Process

Grant Process

On an invitation-only basis, the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust funds primarily nonprofit organizations in Arizona and Indiana that align closely with the following giving areas: Helping People in Need, Protecting Animals and Nature, and Enriching Community Life.


The first step is to examine whether your organization aligns with the Trust’s funding priorities and geographic areas. See below for more information.


If your organization meets the Trust’s funding and geographic criteria, the next step is to talk to a Trust program officer. See the contact information for program officers below.


If a Trust program officer believes that your project or organization is a good fit, you will be invited to submit a grant application.

Application Process

Note:  The Trust does not accept unsolicited applications.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Trust’s website to see whether your organization or program aligns with the Trust’s funding priorities. Specifically, you may want to review the “What We Fund” section of the Trust’s website and the FAQs.
  2. There are specific eligibility requirements for potential grantees. The Trust only funds nonprofit organizations located in and serving Marion County, Indiana and Maricopa County, Arizona. There is an exception for environmental requests, in which case the Trust will consider requests from local and national nonprofit organizations working in Arizona and Indiana. The Trust will not consider grants for international activities, academic research, sectarian purposes, or programs that promote religious doctrine or political campaigns. In addition, the Trust will not consider grants for health programs, except for those related to the visually impaired. Finally, the Trust will not consider requests for programs that target those currently incarcerated, exiting the criminal justice system or recently released (however, programs that target children of incarcerated individuals or address youth in foster care will be considered).
  3. If you believe that your organization aligns with the Trust’s funding priorities and geographic areas, contact one of the Trust program officers below to begin the process of applying for a grant.
  4. After learning about your organization or program, if the program officer believes that your project or organization might be a good fit for the Trust, you will be asked to provide additional information via email to the program officer.
  5. After reviewing the additional information provided, the program officer may invite you to submit a grant application via the Trust’s online grants management system. You will receive instructions about how to complete the application when you are invited to apply. If, at any time, you experience technical difficulties during the application process,  contact the Trust’s grant administrator, Rachel Weaver, at
  6. In 2023, the Trust will accept applications and make funding decisions according to the following timelines:
    First round application deadline: Dec. 8, 2023First round funding decisions: Jan. 31, 2024
    Second round application deadline: Mar. 8, 2024Second round funding decisions: May 2, 2024
    Third round application deadline: July 12, 2024Third round funding decisions: Sept. 5, 2024
    2025 first round application deadline: Dec. 6, 20242025 first round funding decisions: Jan. 29, 2025 (tentative)