Ivy Tech


Ms. Andrea L. Thomas, Nina Scholars Program Manager.
50 West Fall Creek Parkway North Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46208-5752
FAX- 317-917-5928

When students participate in the Nina Scholars program offered at Ivy Tech, these additional components are available:

  • Orientation – to Nina Scholars program, Ivy Tech Community College and campus services.
  • Cultural Enrichment – programs such as educational seminars and fieldtrips to plays, concerts, musicals, art museums and other enrichment activities.
  • Joint Initiatives – Ivy Tech and IUPUI will host joint programs such as special events, cultural activities and receptions for the Nina Scholars.
  • Career Services – career assessment, career planning, resume building, mock job interviews and internships.
  • Workforce & Economic Development – community education, workforce certification and assessment, Indiana Small Business Development Network, career services, Industrial Skills Training Institute and internships to help students enter the workforce.
  • Assessment Center – assessment of academic skills, Capstone testing, Prior Learning Assessments (PLA), and College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Disability Support Services –assists students with disabilities in overcoming environmental and educational barriers and provides academic accommodations for equal access to Ivy Tech Community College.
  • Transfer Center – provides information and assistance about various transfer options, scholarships and the courses required for a successful transfer to a particular university.