Protecting Animals and Nature

Mrs. Pulliam loved animals – domesticated and wild – and the natural environment. She sought ways to encourage human bonds with both.

The Trust supports organizations and programs that:

  • provide humane and wellness services for domestic animals, including shelter, rescue, and adoption.
  • promote conservation of natural habitats and ecosystems that advance preservation, protection and restoration of land, water, wildlife and plants.
  • provide environmental education and awareness to connect people to the natural world, promote personal stewardship, or offer knowledge and tools for addressing current and future problems.


The Trust may accept proposals from local and national nonprofit organizations operating in Arizona and Indiana.  Priority will be given those organizations with local staff and board representation in the respective state.

The Trust will consider more favorably projects that contain the following elements:

  • Collaboration
    Grant proposals that build strong partnerships and alliances with community organizations, environmental groups, government agencies and/or corporations.
  • Adaptation
    Organizations that consider and apply adaptation principles within proposed projects.
  • Measurable Outcomes
    Organizations that carefully develop projects with measurable outcomes.
  • Sustainability
    Proposals that include other means of financial support will be favored over those that rely totally on Trust funding. Requests should demonstrate clearly how the project will be sustained after the Trust’s grant ends. However, this criteria does not apply to short-term projects that have a distinct beginning and ending without a need for long-term funding.