Special Issue 2013


Because change is good

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I have some exciting personal news to share. Last week, I announced my plans to retire as the Trust's founding CEO by January 31, 2014.

My position with the Trust, which began in the fall of 1998, has been the capstone of my 35-year career in philanthropy and nonprofit management and leadership. I feel fortunate and blessed to have shared the rare opportunity to help create a new foundation. I worked every day to honor and carry on Nina Mason Pulliam's charitable ideal in her home communities of Indianapolis and Phoenix.

I deeply value the wise and generous guidance along the way from the founding and successor Trustees and the support of my loyal colleagues. I have the highest admiration and respect for the talented and committed people I have met and worked with through the Trust's grantmaking. Indeed, many of you have become my friends. From site visits and meetings with grantees, first-hand testimonials of Nina Scholars and the various reports I regularly read, a day still rarely goes by without reminding me why we collectively are all about this important work.

I have always worked from the premise that a foundation is no more successful than its grantees. I believe that the Trust has become a respected community grantmaker, and it will continue to cultivate partnerships to achieve mutual goals for the remaining 35 years of its planned lifetime.

Personally, I have grown to love both Indiana and Arizona equally, and my husband and I plan to continue to make our home together in both. I consider my formal retirement to be a gentle transition to the next chapter, not the beginning of a new book. Life is about change, and I am embracing it.

Picking up on the Trust's 2012 annual report theme, this indeed is The Right Time. But, you can count on this announcement not being my one and only transition note. Thank you for your ongoing interest in the work of the Trust.


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