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Dear Connections Readers,

Welcome to this special edition of Connections, introducing the Trust's 2012 annual report.

For the past few years, we at the Trust have been thinking about the longer-term impact of our giving and looking for ways to join with other organizations to create lasting community change. The theme of this annual report, The Right Time, reflects actions we have taken over the past year to create those collaborations in the present opportune moment of a recovering economy.

The Trust increased support for programs that help people prepare for new job opportunities. It made a commitment to improve the lives of young adults aging out of foster care and who need help moving into college instead of into despair and poverty.

The Trust invested its largest concentration of grants to date—$3.5 million—to animal welfare alliances to decrease the number of homeless animals in Indianapolis and Phoenix. The growth of strong alliances of animal care groups provided the opportunity for large-scale action.

Also this past year, we began to put in place evaluation mechanisms to let us know when and if we needed to make program changes.

2012 was a busy and productive year in all respects. (See box at right for highlights.)

I hope you will forward this email to your colleagues who might see opportunities for joint action with the Trust.

Thank you for reading and sharing our annual report. As always, your questions and comments are most welcome.




Trust Releases 2012 Annual Report


Among the highlights in 2012, the Trust also:

Awarded $15.6 million in grants, nearly equally divided between Indianapolis and Phoenix.
Continued to grant the largest amount of funding to the target area of Helping People in Need, while grants in the area of Protecting Animals and Nature grew significantly.
Surpassed a milestone in giving: More than $200 million in grants since 1998.
Passed the 500 mark in the number of Nina Scholars in Arizona and Indiana, of which 322, or 65 percent, have graduated or are continuing to progress to degrees.
Grew the endowment more than $20 million to $353 million at year-end compared to $331 at the end of 2011, for a gain of 12.7 percent before grants and administrative expenses.


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Annual Report 2012.

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