Fourth Issue 2013

Dear Arizona Readers,

Times change and so do the types of environmental grant proposals that arrive in our Arizona office. The impacts of drought and fire on Arizona's environment, concerns with water use, the need to build a culture of conservation, and appreciation for indigenous animals are more in the forefront today than even a decade ago. Today, those challenges are often reflected in our awarded grants.

Nina Mason Pulliam deeply cared about animals and nature during her lifetime, which is why Protecting Animals and Nature is one of our three targeted areas of giving. It has become a larger area of our grantmaking as our environmental challenges have grown. Since our founding in 1998, 48 organizations have received $16.8 million in Trust funding for education, conservation or public awareness. Last year alone, that figure was $919,700. (Our other funding areas are Helping People in Need and Enriching Community Life.)

Nina's niece, Carol Peden Schilling, who serves as the Trust's chair, assures me that Nina's interests would have changed with the times, too.

Like us, Nina would be amazed at the great ideas and the brilliant dedication of our state's nonprofit environmental leaders as they work to preserve what is best about Arizona's rich environment.

The Trust recently approved its second round of grants for 2013, awarding $996,000 to 17 Arizona nonprofits, including four environmental and wildlife grants that show a variety of innovative and important work in the field.

One first-time grantee, the White Mountains Land Trust in Pinetop-Lakeside, for example, has one paid staff member, 40 volunteers, and a very big goal: build a conservation ethic to protect and conserve the 2.5 million acres of forest, woodlands, grasslands, water sources and wildlife in Arizona's scenic White Mountains.

A grant to The Wilderness Society aims to build widespread support to protect 700,000 acres of the Sonoran Desert in west-central Arizona and 240,000 acres of the Coronado National Forest in southeastern Arizona. Years of work by wilderness groups recently led U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva to introduce the Arizona Sonoran Desert Heritage Act of 2013 to protect desert lands west of Phoenix.

Another grantee this round, Sky Island Alliance in Tucson, engages volunteers, scientists, landowners and government officials in establishing protected areas, restoring landscapes and promoting public appreciation of Arizona's unique biological diversity. Its new project will add more volunteers and provide land managers with tools to help protect Southern Arizona's water resources and prepare for the impact of inevitable fires.

The Phoenix Herpetological Society in north Scottsdale received a grant to expand educational programs about reptiles, amphibians and other wildlife. They are also helping homeowners in desert areas learn to coexist with the desert life around them.

See the full list of the second-round grants, ranging from $11,000 to $134,000, at right.

As always, we appreciate your comments and questions at any time.


Nearly $1 million in grants go to Arizona nonprofits


The Wilderness Society received a grant of $75,000 to continue its public lands protection work, including Browns Canyon (photo) within the Sonoran Desert Heritage Campaign. 

2013 Second Round Arizona Grantees

The Trust's second round of 2013 grant awards in Arizona totals $996,000 and includes grants in the priority areas of Helping People in Need, Protecting Animals and Nature, and Enriching Community LIfe. For more detailed information on the grants, please go to project descriptions.

The break down by program category is:

- Helping People in Need - 9 organizations - $512,000
- Protecting Animals and Nature - 5 organizations - $344,000
- Enriching Community Life - 3 organizations - $140,000

Helping People in Need
Aguila Youth Leadership Institute $31,000
Arizona Association for Foster and Adoptive Parents $11,000
Arizonans For Children, Inc. $75,000
Arizonans for the Protection of Exploited Children and Adults $40,000
Central Arizona Shelter Services, Inc. $50,000
Duet $58,000
Sun Sounds Foundation $134,000
UMOM New Day Centers, Inc. $50,000
The Whispering Hope Ranch Foundation $63,000
Protecting Animal and Nature
Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA $95,000
Phoenix Herpetological Society, Inc. $55,000
Sky Island Alliance $103,000
*White Mountains Land Trust $16,000
The Wilderness Society $75,000
Enriching Community LIfe
Arizona Science Center $65,000
Children's Museum of Phoenix $40,000
Free Arts of Arizona $35,000
Total Arizona Grants - 17 Organizations $996,000
*Denotes first-time grant recipient  



Our next proposal deadline is August 1, 2013.
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