Second Issue 2013

Dear Indiana Readers,

Welcome to this spring issue of Connections 2013.

The Trust just finished its first round of grants for 2013, awarding more than $1.5 million to 16 Indiana nonprofits, in grants from $20,000 to $180,000. In reviewing grant applications, we have noticed a change in the wind: A number of organizations weathered the economic downturn and are operating with more stability. More are asking for resources to expand into new areas. After so much contraction over the last five years, it is good to see creative expansion again, especially in youth programs that prepare Indiana residents for a better future.

A grant of $100,000 to a new "Gateway to College" program in Indianapolis––a joint adventure between Ivy Tech Community College and Christel House Academy—will provide a new route to high school diplomas and college credits for 225 young adults who have dropped out of high school.

Another organization, La Plaza, received $150,000 in this grant cycle to expand the "Tu Futuro" program, helping 400 Latino students succeed in high school and head to college.

To get youth on the right track earlier, a $95,000 grant to Edna Martin Christian Center helps fund a new "Village Works" mentoring program, serving125 third- through eighth-graders in the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood.

At the other end of the age spectrum, a grant of $70,000 to Joy's House will help 250 family caregivers remain employed while still keeping their elderly and disabled loved ones at home. A $20,000 grant to Heritage Place of Indianapolis will provide computer literacy classes to 200 low-income and unemployed older adults.

Those grants are examples of our support for one of the Trust's three target areas, Helping People in Need, but our other two areas, Protecting Animals and Nature and Enriching Community Life, are seeing robust and creative programs.

A grant of $180,000 to the Hoosier Environmental Council will help rural communities move toward more sustainable forms of agriculture. The Indiana Parks Foundation received $30,000 to help create a welcome center for Garfield Park and develop programming that combines nature with history.

We are glad to be lending a hand on the financial side, while our partners in Indiana's nonprofit organizations provide the wise expertise to move our community forward. We seem to be heading into a stronger economy now, so it is again time to think bigger about assisting our fellow Indiana residents.

As always, we appreciate your comments and questions at any time.


More than $1.5 million goes to 16 Indiana nonprofits


La Plaza received a grant of $150,000 to expand the Tu Futuro program. It helps high school students succeed and be prepared for college and careers in all areas, including science.

2013 First Round Indiana Grantees

The Trust's first round of 2013 grant awards in Indiana totals $1,539,000 and includes grants in the priority areas of Helping People in Need, Protecting Animals and Nature and Enriching Community Life. For more detailed information on the grants, please go to project descriptions.

The break down by program category:
- Helping People in Need - 12 organizations - $1,014,000
- Protecting Animals and Nature - 2 organizations - $255,000
- Enriching Community Life - 2 organizations - $180,000

Helping People in Need
*Aftercare for Indiana through Mentoring, Inc. (AIM) $75,000
Aspire Indiana Behavioral Health System $100,000
John P. Craine House, Inc. $75,000
Damien Center, Inc. $44,000
*Gateway To College National Network $100,000
Heritage Place of Indianapolis, Inc. $20,000
Indiana Connected By 25, Inc. $100,000
Joy's House $70,000
La Plaza, Inc. $150,000
Local Initiatives Support Corporation. $100,000
Edna Martin Christian Center $95,000
Volunteers of America of Indiana, Inc. $175,000
Protecting Animal and Nature
Hoosier Environmental Council, Inc. $180,000
Indiana Wildlife Federation, Inc. $75,000
Enriching Community LIfe
Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana $150,000
Indianapolis Parks Foundation, Inc. $30,000
Total Indiana Grants - 16 Organizations $1,539,000
*Denotes first-time grant recipient



Our next proposal deadline is August 1, 2013.
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