Fifth Issue 2013


Dear Arizona Readers,

Today, the Trust announces the third and final round of 2013 grants: nearly $1.3 million to 17 Arizona nonprofit organizations.

For all of 2013, the Trust awarded more than $6.3 million in grants in Arizona.

The largest portion of the current round of grants, $660,390, goes to nine organizations helping people in need. Children's Action Alliance received $254,000 to improve the outcomes of 600 foster care youth aging out of the child welfare system annually. St. Joseph the Worker's $30,000 grant will provide employment help to homeless and low-income job seekers. Other grants provide services to individuals and families in crisis.

The Trust also awarded $549,000 to groups focused on protecting animals and nature in Arizona. A grant of $150,000 to the Grand Canyon Trust will expand its volunteer program to 600 individuals, building the next generation of conservation advocates in the Southwest. The Animal Defense League of Arizona and HALO Animal Rescue received grants of $75,000 and $44,000, respectively, to reduce the number of unwanted animals in Maricopa County through free and low-cost spay/neuter and adoption services.

Two nonprofit groups received grants aimed at enriching community life: $60,000 goes to Advocates for Latino Arts & Culture to expand Arizona's Latino cultural center in downtown Phoenix and a $25,000 grant supports the Black Theatre Troupe's program to increase childrens' reading skills through theater.

In 2013, the Trust awarded $13,300,733 in grants to 195 organizations serving Arizona and Indiana.

In Arizona alone in 2013, 96 organization received grants, including:

- $500,000 to the Phoenix Zoo, which topped off the Phoenix Zoo's capital campaign and will complete the costs of building the Sumatran Tiger Experience and Exhibit.

- $150,000 grant to the Scottsdale Museum of the West to support its design and development.

See the full list of the third-round grants, ranging from $9,000 to $254,000, at right.

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$6.3 million in grants awarded to
Arizona nonprofits in 2013


The Trust's $500,000 grant in 2013 topped the Phoenix Zoo's capital campaign and will complete the costs of building the Sumatran Tiger Experience and Exhibit. 

2013 Third Round Arizona Grantees

The Trust's third round of 2013 grant awards in Arizona total $1,294,390 and includes grants in the priority areas of Helping People in Need, Protecting Animals and Nature, and Enriching Community Life. For more detailed information on the grants, please go to project descriptions.

The break down by program category is:

- Helping People in Need - 9 organizations - $660,390
- Protecting Animals and Nature - 5 organizations - $549,000
- Enriching Community Life - 3 organizations - $85,000

Helping People in Need
About Care $60,250
Arizona South Asians For Safe Families $9,000
Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley $100,000
Children's Action Alliance, Inc. $254,000
Community Asset & Resource Enterprise Partnership $50,000
Dysart Community Center $31,000
*Hope Village, Inc. $51,140
Literacy Volunteers of Maricopa County $75,000
St. Joseph the Worker $30,000

Protecting Animal and Nature
Animal Defense League of Arizona $75,000
Grand Canyon Association $100,000
Grand Canyon Trust $150,000
HALO Animal Rescue $44,000
Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Refuge $30,000
University of Arizona Foundation - UA Water Resources Research Center $150,000

Enriching Community LIfe
Advocates For Latino Arts & Culture Consortium, Inc. $60,000
*Black Theatre Troupe, Inc. $25,000
Total Arizona Grants - 17 Organizations $1,294,390
*Denotes first-time grant recipient