What the trust funds

What the trust funds What the trust funds What the trust funds

What the trust funds

The Trust makes grants only to tax-exempt organizations whose purposes are described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code that are either (1) public charities described in Sections 509(a) or (2) private operating foundations described in Section 4942(j)(3).

The Trust accepts requests from only charitable organizations located in and serving the metropolitan areas of Indianapolis, Indiana and Phoenix, Arizona, with the exception of environmental requests. For environmental requests, the Trust will consider proposals from local and national nonprofit organizations working in Arizona and Indiana.

Requests for funding are limited to one request per organization per calendar year. This includes the Summer Youth Program Fund in Indiana.

Generally, the Trust prefers to disburse funds as a one-year grant but not for a period longer than three years. For these purposes, an “organization” generally refers to that entity to which the IRS has issued a Section 501(c)(3) determination letter. For more detailed information and examples, please refer to our Question and Answer page.

If an organization received a previous grant, a final evaluation report must be submitted and reviewed by Trust staff prior to requesting another grant.

The Trust will not consider grants for international activities, academic research, sectarian purposes, or programs that promote religious doctrine and/or political campaigns. Also, the Trust does not make grants to individuals.

The Trust awards grants for operating support, program support and capital needs in three program areas.  Qualifications for each type of grant are:

  • The Trust will consider operating support for former Trust grantees that can document major changes in income generation that threaten their future existence.
  • The Trust will consider program support for organizations that seek to create, expand or enhance proven, effective programs.
  • The Trust will consider capital support for organizations that seek immediate capital improvements to continue or expand services.

The Trust will not accept unsolicited proposals from colleges and universities for operating or capital requests. (The latter includes endowments for professorial chairs, faculty training and research or scholarships and building campaigns.) However, the Trust will continue to accept proposals through its regular grant cycles for support of projects that link higher education institutions to their communities.